Most Sought after job position of the 21st century: Why choose a career in data science

Most Sought after job position of the 21st century: Why choose a career in data science

If you’ve been frequent with the internet and social media lately, then you must have noticed the growing buzz around the word "data science." Hailed as the "sexiest job of the 21st century," data science has gradually evolved into something of a buzzword, even though only a few people truly understand what the technology and career are all about. Everybody seems to talk about it on their timelines, professionals portray it as the best career path of the century and encourage people to enroll for data science training courses, news outlets regularly have a success story to tell about it. But that’s not even all; nowadays, there is a global consensus that data science is the highest paying career path in the world.

Wow, that’s quite a title to bestow on one job position, some may say. But, it is no coincidence that lots of people have suddenly become interested in chasing a career in data science. Why else do you think everyone is talking about it? With a promising remuneration and job assurance on offer, I guess it was only a matter of time before the whole world makes it their dream job.

So, with all that has been said, I’m sure you are now very eager to learn more about data science and why you need to chase a career in it. Well, below are a few reasons why data science should be your next career stop.

Data Science is in demand

Yes, you read that correctly! Data science is in demand. I know you might be thinking that no job is absolutely in demand since you'll almost always be required to still search for the opportunities yourself. But I tell you that data science is one of the few exceptions we have around today. With a degree, certification, or experience in data science, I can assure you that you'll have no reason to spend months searching for job positions. But what's even more intriguing is that despite the growing global knowledge about data science, only a few data science professionals are out there, which means that there are fewer competitions for positions. It is also the fastest-growing job on LinkedIn and is predicted to create up to 11.5 million jobs by 2026.

Abundance of positions

Like we mentioned earlier, there are very few people who have the required skillset to become a complete data scientist, let alone professionals. Due to this fact, data science has become somewhat of an under-saturated job sector, as compared with other IT job sectors. Therefore, data science is a vastly abundant field and has a lot of opportunities.

Well-paid career

I mean no disrespect to any job or profession, but there is hardly any job position out there that pays as much as data science does. In fact, according to a recent report by Glassdoor, data scientists earn an average of $116,100 per annum. That makes Data science one of the most highly paid jobs in the world, and a lucrative career for anyone with the skill set.


Indeed, one of the biggest challenges facing the labor market in recent years is the issue of skill inflexibility. People find it difficult securing their preferred job positions because they only possess a skill set that's suitable for a particular industry. And when there are no opportunities in that industry, it becomes difficult for them to get employed elsewhere. Data science, on the other hand, is far from being a one-industry profession. Thanks to the fact that there are numerous applications of data science technology, it is almost always easy for a data scientist to walk into any industry and get employed. Data science is widely used in health-care, consultancy services, banking, and other financial institutions, production industries, construction services, and e-commerce industries. Data science is quite a versatile field. As such, you will always have the opportunity to work in various fields.

A Data Scientist position offers prestige

While some job positions might sometimes be considered redundant, not-too-important, or less important than others, data science is always held in high regard. Data scientists allow companies to make smarter business decisions. Companies rely on the expertise of data scientists to improve their offerings and provide better results to their clients. Due to this fact, data scientists are always highly regarded in any company, as they hold an important position in the company.