Memes on #WeMetOnTwitter Set Social Media Abuzz

Memes on #WeMetOnTwitter Set Social Media Abuzz

A new hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter is trending now with hilarious memes, jokes, and GIFs on social media platforms.

The hashtag started with users on social media sharing stories of how they met their partners on Twitter.

The trending hashtag with a heart emoji has now inspired funny memes and also triggered some hilarious reactions on social media.

Singles and netizens are using various memes, here are some hilarious reactions on #WeMetOnTwitter:

A person with usename @Shaavi_Bacha shared an image of a crying child with a caption: "Singles reading People's tweets about #WeMetOnTwitter."

"Singles to Twitter: Am I a joke to you!? #WeMetOnTwitter," another user tweeted.

A woman also wrote from her Twitter account: "4 months ago, we were just Followers, one night he sent a DM to me and then I replied "You're getting blocked and I blocked him:
so story shuru hone se phele hi khatam hogyi, #WeMetOnTwitter."

"Nobody, absolutely nobody, people who met on Twitter: First he dm's me, I ignore him, Then he serially retweets me. I kinda accept his dm later, like after a year, Look where we are now -- Photos with rings!!!, Me: sis, wait I retweet myself sometimes," another tweet read.

"It's time for your #WeMetOnTwitter moment," the micro-blogging site Twitter wrote.

#WeMetOnTwitter also got traction in 2017 as well. Now, this trending hashtag has collected over 7,000 posts.

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