Meet These Famous People Who Overcame Depression

Bangalore: Feeling too low, lonely, nothing seems to be right, annoyed with the world, and in a mood to destroy yourself, then most probably you are under depression attack. Whether you are a common man, or a crowd gatherer, depression falls on all. And more intense is the case when you are a celebrity under the eye scanner of masses. Anxiety, too much self-consciousness, work pressure, bad relationships and traumatic turbulent times are the starters for a depression. Here we name among few celebrities who fought depression in their life, let’s read on further to know why and how, reports

Shahrukh Khan-

The king Khan of Bollywood is famous for his acting and charming skills. To add, famous is his anger and moodswings too. Recently when he underwent shoulder surgery, he went into a phase of depression, as unable to cope up with the pain, plus the pressure to remain an active figure during his releases. But as he is well known to handle things, he managed this phase too,with family’s help, and is happy and calm as ever. Shahrukh Khan remains the King.


Angelina Jolie-

One of the hottest star, with stunning features and heartthrob of many, too struggled in life with phases of depression. Earlier, her father did mention that her daughter is mentally ill and needs to seekDoctor’s help. After her mother’s death, she went into a lonely sad phase, and concealed herself to her home and cut short her public appearance, with finally taking up a movie project which involved her to do stunts. She was eager for the movie,as it required her to be actively involved and it helps her to get out of the bad phase. Give some fight to the sadness!

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