Meet Sanjay Bandare, A Co-Founder of VRRB LABS Inc, who comes from the developing nation of Sri Lanka

Meet Sanjay Bandare, A Co-Founder of VRRB LABS Inc, who comes from the developing nation of Sri Lanka
  • The Sri Lankan born co-founded VRRB in 2021 with Andrew Smith and Shiva Kintali.
  • Sanjay worked for a billion-dollar consulting firm with Fortune 500 clients before he started VRRB Labs Inc.

Sanjay's interest in blockchain began in 2013 when he first learned about Bitcoin and its underlying technology. His career in the up-and-coming blockchain industry started at his previous company, where he served as a lead product manager with multiple Fortune 500 clients.

Sanjay co-founded VRRB Labs Inc in 2021 together with Andrew Smith and Shiva Kintali and are powering it to become one of the fastest most secure blockchains in existence. VRRB Labs Inc currently employees 8 highly skilled web3 programming individuals with plans to expand in the year 2023.

Sanjay was born in a town in the central province in the tiny island nation of Sri Lanka.

Sanjay, who is from the town of Kandy, moved to Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2014 to pursue his career in technology.

After graduating and completing his studies, and grabbing the attention of multiple multinational tech companies with his winning of the world prize in higher education qualifications awarded by the British Computer Society, Sanjay joined a US based technological consulting company as a business consultant and project manager.

When Sanjay joined his employer, he held a number of positions, quickly being promoted through the ranks to the position of Lead.

He started working at Virtusa when he was 23 and worked there for 7 years. He started off working through Virtusa as an offshore business consultant for a prominent Insurance company based in New York.

After work was completed for one client, Sanjay would then move on to the next project, again as an offshore business consultant and product manager helping multibillion dollar companies in the US to develop, enhance and perfect their internal systems.

Sanjay has said that working with multiple Fortune 500 clients "changed my career forever." He added that he spent his "best years as a consultant" working with these clients.

Sanjay studied computer science and management information system safter computer classes in his school piqued his interest at the age of thirteen.

Sanjay’s interest in technology was fueled by a $200 Pentium 1 computer that his school used to teach students the basics of computing. Having seen a computer for the first time at the age of 13 he was fascinated by what could be done with the now primitive technology at the time.

He instantly fell in love with what could be done by computers, going as far as to win multiple information technology prizes within Sri Lanka as a student before even owning a computer himself.

After graduating from university, Sanjay was approached by multiple tech companies, after which he decided on joining Virtusa as it presented the opportunity to work with a multitude of global multinational corporations.

In 2022, Sanjay quit his day time job as an offshore product manager and business consultant to focus entirely on his startup after it raised an undisclosed amount from multiple venture capital firms.

Sanjay’s greatest challenge and drive in starting up VRRB was the economic crisis that was faced by his country Sri Lanka.

While Sanjay and his cofounders have successfully raised an undisclosed amount from US venture capital firms, it was not always smooth sailing cofounding a startup from a tiny developing nation in south east Asia.

During the pandemic of 2021 and after, Sri Lanka, Sanjay’s home country, faced its worst economic crisis in the country’s history. The country’s foreign reserves were depleted almost to zero, brought on by careless economic policies implemented by the central bank and government of Sri Lanka at the time. Multiple people were left without food, fuel and basic necessities of living. However, without being disheartened by the situation in his country, rather fueled by it, to build something new, to build something that could prevent such catastrophes in the future, Sanjay pushed on, believing in his dream of creating VRRB Labs Inc.

Sanjay met Andrew Smith online through a discussion forum for entrepreneurs, and it was online where their individual ideas clicked. Andrew Smith had been developing a new consensus algorithm for a faster more secure blockchain, and Sanjay instantly recognized the potential in Andrew’s idea. After multiple discussions and meetings, Andrew Smith and Sanjay Bandare, later joined by Shiva Kintali worked on creating what they believe to be the blockchain of the future.

Sanjay currently splits his time between working full time on his Startup VRRB, and helping out one of his previous clients as a consultant.

Sanjay moved out of his previous employment in 2022 to focus entirely on his startup VRRB Labs Inc. However as he was a critical part of development for one of his previous clients in the US, he now spends his free time helping out as a consultant to ensure smooth transition and development of his previous clients products.