Meditation for Beginners (And Why You Should Try It)

Have you ever tried experiencing the benefits of Meditation and even tried doing it? Yes? No? When many of the people think of Meditation, they often feel uncomfortable because there are myths that may create the reasons for not practicing Meditation. But actually, people don’t know about the power of Meditation. If you are a beginner and planning to start with Meditation, this article is just for you.

Do you train your body to get fit? You do. Right! How you do it? You use fitness techniques, body exercises, and of course, a balanced diet. Just like a fitness technique, Meditation is a technique to train your mind to be fit. It is a legitimate exercise of mind which carries uncountable benefits for your mind like reducing the stress level, making a mind lighter and peaceful.

A brief understanding of Meditation

There is not only one type of mediation, and there’s a lot. A few examples are Zen mediation (to gain experience with nature of existence), Kundalini Yoga (helps to incorporates movements), and mindfulness meditation (a popular meditation technique which allows you to become more aware of the surroundings). In simple words, Meditation is an exercise that helps an individual to know its inner soul.

Common Characteristics of Meditation-For beginners

  • Always focus on finding a peaceful place to meditate
  • Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes
  • Listen to your breath
  • Don’t let your thoughts get away from you

A guide of Meditation for Beginners

I know it’s hard for a beginner to sit for hours and meditate. Sitting and meditating means, emptying your mind, not thinking anything, and listening to your breath. But to solve this issue you can try a self-help app for meditation.

Meditation for Beginners (And Why You Should Try It)

Mindtastik is a guided meditation app that you can use to practice meditation with bliss and mindfulness. A beginner individual can start meditating from this app with simple meditation exercises and progress to add it to the daily routine. Mindtastik app offers meditation exercises for every level and helps you relieve stress, anxiety, sleep better and much more.

You can download the Mindtastik app from the official Google Play Store & App Store for free.

If you are reading this, you can immediately begin to meditating by following the simple steps and see if Meditation is your thing.

First and foremost, choose a convenient time and place

Meditation is an exercise that is done to relax your mind, so it is essential to select a time when you know you’ll not be disturbed. If you can manage to find a convenient time during either sunrise or sunset, that is the ideal thing you can do to calm your mind. Undoubtedly, to keep your mind calm, you need a calm place. So, find a quiet place and have peaceful surroundings too. Both the factors will give you an enjoyable meditation.

Choose your comfortable position to sit

Be comfortable and relax while meditating. Sit in a position that makes you comfortable. Try to sit straight as much as possible, and make sure to close your eyes throughout the process.

Listen to your breath

After choosing a convenient time, place, and comfortable positing to sit, listening to your breath is one of the primary ways to get concentrated while meditating. Initially, take few deep breaths, inhale from the nose and exhale through the mouth. And then slowly steadily, feel your body, and even scan your body. Throughout the process of Meditation, you will be doing this without moving anywhere.

Be patient while ending your Meditation

Don’t get in a hurry after completing your meditation process. Once done, feel relax and open your eyes gently, and then take some time to make you aware of your surroundings.

Why should an individual try Meditation at least once in a life?

Have you met anyone who does Meditation regularly? If yes, you must have found something peaceful in that person which you might don’t have. If No, I would like to share the reasons why an individual should try Meditation in their lives.

Meditation is neither like a superpower which you’ll be going to have if you meditate, nor a magic remedy. But still, science has proved this one of the most excellent ways for mental calmness. And when you experience it, you will be thrilled with the results.

Here are the results which people are getting already because of their meditation regularity.

* Increase the power of thinking and awareness

Meditation helps an individual to control their thought process and increases the realization of their thoughts. Usually, our thoughts control us, and they took us on a ride throughout the day. The power of Meditation helps you to determine that with which thought one should move ahead.

* Decreases the level of stress

In recent years, studies have been found that today’s surroundings are increasing the level of stress and mental illness. Meditation is one of the ways to get rid of psychological stress.

* Increase the level of concentration

Having a concentration on one thing is difficult in today’s life. Meditation increases the level of attention, and even innate ability to focus.

* It is free

The most crucial aspect of Meditation is, it is free at home. Anyone can do it; no money is required. You can do it at your home, office, or even on vacation if you have added Meditation in your routine. Give it a try, and you will be forced to add it to your routine life soon.