Mathematrix 2021: A Mathematics based Pan-India Level Event

Mathematrix 2021: A Mathematics based Pan-India Level Event

Maths and fun. Seems like a paradox, right? Thinking about this subject, instinctively leads one to imagine a mundane and tedious subject. A rather stigma has come to be associated with this subject of numbers. So, we tried a different approach.

With more than 80 years of excellence in academics, R A Podar College of Commerce and Economics is one of the most esteemed Commerce institutes in India. It has more than 40 active student forums and The Mathematics Association is one of them. Each year, we organise Mathematrix, a mathematics based Pan-India level event for both, schools and colleges. Making mathematics fun through constructive competition is at the core of this event. Participants are tested on various levels focusing on aspects like speed and accuracy, constantly keeping them on their toes.

Mathematrix '21 was held for 3 days from 27th August to 29th August, with a unique, space based theme. It was conducted online, making most of the current situation. Over 2400 students participated from far and wide making it a successful event. The event kicked off with great enthusiasm as participants put their knowledge to test. Events like The Natural Suspects, 2000 logarithms under the sea, 2001: A Math Odyssey, The Fast and the Factorial and Raiders of the lost Arc kept students intrigued into solving maths with a sole purpose of defeating the evil Dr. Ignoramus. The energy throughout the event was simply unfathomable as questions and answers kept flooding from the curious minds.

At the closing ceremony, contestants could not help but share their experiences of the event with us. 'It was an amazing experience participating in such a good event, really hats off to the whole team', shared a student. Another student shared, 'Even in this pandemic the online management was great! I enjoyed the events Natural Suspects and Raiders of the lost arc a lot. It was fun participating in Mathematrix'. With more such experiences, Mathematrix received an overwhelming response.

The winning schools of the events were as follows:

Best Teacher in Charge: SHEEJA PRASAD

  • 1st Podium: Children’sAcademy, Ashok Nagar
  • 2nd Podium: Lokmanya Tilak High School
  • 3rd Podium: Convent Girls High School

Similarly, the winning colleges of the events were:

Best CL: Shubham Sanghavi HR College

  • 1st Podium: NM
  • 2nd Podium: H.R College
  • 3rd Podium: MCC College

Not only the main fest, but the events Team Mathematrix had planned for the specially abled children as a part of its social initiative were received with great enthusiasm and gave opportunity to the specially abled kids to be included and gave them a taste of the great fest.

So, from this you might've come to know that maths can be fun and enjoyable indeed. And Mathematrix has been proving that time and time again.

Source: Press Release