Malaysia visa guide for Indians

Malaysia visa guide for Indians

No doubt, Malaysia is a wonderful country to visit, especially for a holiday trip. Whether you talk about the environment or the tourist destinations, Malaysia serves everything that can make you feel stunned. When you consider visiting Malaysia for different trips, it is essential to know how you get a visa. From the perspective of Indians, you should know the steps you have to follow to get a visa before visiting Malaysia.

Different types of Malaysia e Visa for Indians

When you want to get a visa to visit Malaysia, you should know the different types of Malaysia visa that are offered to Indians. An Indian can get a single-entry visa, eNTRI Visa, a multi-entry visa, and the visa on travel. It simply means Malaysia visa for Indians have these mentioned eVisa forms.

Essential documents for Malaysia Visa

Before applying for a Malaysia visa, one should always consider the essential documents that are must to have. In other words, you should know which kind of documents is required while applying for a Malaysia visa from India. When you want to get a Malaysia visa from India, you will have to collect the following essential documents:

  • The OSC visa fee that is set by the Malaysian government
  • You additionally need a fully submitted application form of the Malaysia visa (offline)
  • It is mandatory for you to have a passport that is having at least 6 months remaining validity from the time of departure
  • Evidence of accommodation
  • You need passport size photo as well
  • The birth certificate is a must document for underage kids
  • The travel itinerary demonstrating flight information

Regardless of these mentioned documents, you may need to collect some other documents told by the professionals to get a Malaysia visa. Ensure that you will not commit a single mistake while applying for a Malaysia visa with the collected documents.

Methods to get a Malaysia Visa

After knowing the documents that you need for a Malaysia visa now, you have to consider the methods that help you to get the needed visa. If you are ready to take a flight to Malaysia, you can get your Malaysia visa with the help of the following methods:

The manual method - The Indian citizens can get in Malaysia visa by visiting the nearest OSC. In the main cities of India, you can find out these centers where you apply for a Malaysia visa. In this procedure, you have to follow a manual method where you have to submit a form along with the visa application fee. Once your visa gets approved, you can receive it from the same place.

Get the eVisa for Malaysia - Today, eVisa has become a preferable alternative for Indians to visit Malaysia. Now, you can apply for the tourist visa online by meeting the eligibility and documents required. Indeed, Malaysia visa for Indians can be obtained with this fantastic method.

These are the two essential methods that you can follow in order to get a Malaysia visa shortly. According to your requirements, you can give preference to any of the given methods

The validity of the Malaysia visa

In the same way, you should also know the validity of a Malaysia visa before you apply. If you get an eNTRI, it will be valid for the upcoming 90 days after the issuing date. Hopefully, you have collected some important details about getting a Malaysia visa. Now, you can have the rest of the benefits with this Malaysia visa guide for Indians.