Love: The Most Potent Cause for Murders In India

Bangalore: Love is the most essential part of one’s life. It makes life worth living but at the same time can turn out to be a potent killer, according to the latest crime statistics, reports Bharti Jain of TOI.

As per the 2012 crime data given out by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), out of the 13,448 murders recorded, 3,877 accounts for murder caused due to personal enmity. While, other 34,434 murders are attributed just to 'other causes'. On the other hand, 3,169 murders caused because of property disputes and 2,549 killings are the outcome of love affairs and sexual relations.

Till 2012, love affairs and sexual relations were the third most common grounds for murders in the country after personal feud and property clashes, but in seven states like Andhra Pradesh (445 murders), UP (325), Maharashtra (254), Punjab (83), Jammu & Kashmir (11), Himachal Pradesh (10) and Nagaland (2), love related murders and crime accounted as the main motive behind most number of crimes. Also, the number of lovers killed in Tamil Nadu was 291, Gujarat (116) and Delhi (54) and it was almost the same murders caused by vendetta or property issues.

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