Livelihood at Stake, Fishing Will Soon Become an Offence In India

Bangalore: The livelihood of fishermen and their families might soon experience a halt in their regular living. If the new amendment proposed for the Wildlife Protection Act gets approved, the fishing community will have to face its consequences, reports K Anurag of Rediff.

The authorization of the new law may also result in the deterioration of traditional practice of fishing in natural wetlands in the country as it will be termed as an offence under the Wildlife (Protection) Act.

The Section 44 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act Amendment Bill 2013 has been tabled in Rajya Sabha by the government. The voice of concern raised by leading conservation brigades and wildlife workers has been objected by many environmental organizations in the country.

Aaranyak, a premier biodiversity conservation organization based in the Northeast India has presented a joint memorandum in this concern demanding the abandonment of this upcoming bill. “Such a ‘suicidal decision’ will strain the relations between the people and the government and facilitate some opportunist forces to exploit natural resources to their advantage which may lead to unrest in the country,” Aaranyak stated.
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