Life or Death: How to Stay Informed as a Citizen of the World

On a daily basis the world around you is changing. From terrorist attacks in France to conflicts happening on the other side of the world, staying informed could just be a matter of life and death. So, how can you stay up-to-date with today’s news? Checking in daily with DainikBhasker is one way, but here are some other tips and tricks that will keep you cognizant without turning you pessimistic.

After the Newspapers

The rest of the world has fallen behind India when it comes to newspaper reading, so you have an advantage from the start. According to the BBC, India is number one in the world for newspaper sales. Suffice to say that Indians are interested in what is going on with the world, and have the newspaper sales to prove it. But what do you do when you have read all the information available in the newspaper and want more?

Of course, your computer, laptop or smartphone is an excellent gateway to the world when it comes to breaking news. Your local newspaper or news show will only have what news that was current before their deadlines, but world news is available in real time over the internet. In order to make sure you have all of this information readily available to you, set your homepage to your favorite online news source.

Global News versus Infotainment

As much as you’re interested in what’s happening with your favorite celebrity, it really doesn’t count as global news. At times it may be easy to tell the difference between “real” news and “soft” news, but often those lines really are blurred. For example, many stories about crime may seem like real news, but are sensationalized to make them appeal to the viewer. You should seek out news that will help you to build global awareness and helps you to understand multifaceted issues better.

If you really want to stay informed, try to focus on the news stories you can find about war, economic policies, politics and sociological matters. These stories will serve to further your knowledge about subjects that could, one day, have an impact on you and your family. You just never know.

How to Stay Positive

Many people find news to be discouraging. Keep in mind this is because negativitysells. Remember, for every negative news story you see reported, there are probably a dozen other stories about the triumph of the human spirit and the good that lies in people that will never get reported.

If you are reading current events and begin to feel overwhelmed, make an effort to seek out positive articles. Find news sources that give you the fresh perspective you need on a topic and try to dig deeper into the news you read.

Staying informed is about more than just being a great conversationalist at your next dinner party. The world is interconnected and because of that every citizen of the world should strive to stay plugged in and know what is going on not just in their own backyard, but all over the world.