ISRO and MEA to explore biz prospects in Africa, Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia

ISRO and MEA to explore biz prospects in Africa, Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia
Indian space agency ISRO is not just doing parthnership with established space powers Russia, USA, Japan and France, but is also looking to explore collaborations with emerging nations in the space sector. 
Being carried out in colaboration with the Indian external affairs ministry, such collaborations with newer entrants in the global space sector are aimed at exploring markets, said Dr Somanath, Chairman of ISRO. 
Lately, the heads of the Indian and Mexican space agencies held a meeting and discussed the possibility of India building and launching a remote-sensing satellite for Mexico. The Indian space agency is considering this request and working with the Indian foreign ministry.  
Elaborating on this, Dr Somanath stated, "Mexico does not have a big space ecosystem and they need our help. Once we develop our private space ecosystem here, we can explore markets there and build for them. Not just ISRO, but India's private firms can operate and carry out business in foreign nations with whom space sector collaboration has been unexplored". 
He added that the Mexican government would work with India's foreign ministry and get Indian banks to lend money, to enable Indian private firms to build a satellite and supply it to Mexico. 
Speaking about the scope for India to carry out space sector business activities, Dr Somanath said that India would like to explore the markets in Latin America, Arab nations, Africa and South East Asia and collaborate with them for mutual benefit. 
He mentioned the possibilities of Indian firms building satellites for foreign nations and also providing ground stations and relevant hardware. 
From 2020 onwards, Indian private firms have been authorised to carry out end-to-end space activities including the building and launching of rockets and satellites, establishing ground segments etc. 
Since then, a considerable number of firms have made progress in building and testing their own rocket engines. Private firms have also proven their capability to build rockets and launch them into the upper atmosphere and are aiming for space, while satellite companies have developed their spacecraft and launched them on Indian and foreign rockets.