Insomnia? Get rid of sleeplessness this Independence Day

Insomnia? Get rid of sleeplessness this Independence Day

Bangalore, August 14, 2021–Insomnia has reared its ugly head with a vengeance from the onset of the pandemic. More and more Indians seem to be suffering from sleeplessness, and it's hard to fall asleep without the help of external stimulants. How often has one heard – I can't sleep without the television or music etc. To make matters worse, this never-ending ragingpandemic has not helped one sleep better either.

This pandemic has brought with it not just the virus but also anxiety, stress, insecurities and a massive shift in our living and working environments. Sleep focused companies such as Sunday mattress are a specialized range of mattresses that help you sleep better.The benefits of sleep toone's health and well-being are common knowledge, but what is not common knowledge is the art of sleeping without the dependence on external stimulants, and no,it isn't about any medication here.

Here are a few simple steps that will allow one to sleep better, just not on a Sunday but pretty much every day:

Invest in your bedroom

Most homes are now being sold with Work from Home spaces, and this takes away from the reasons one invests in a home, and that is to sleep blissfully. While WFH is the new order of the day, it is still the order of the night that should dictate the home décor and spends.

Separate the work, study spaces from the sleeping area. The only activity that should be done on the bed is resting and sleeping and demarcate separate spaces for all other activities.

Invest in a good bed and, more importantly, a mattress. Not an eyelid is blinked while spending lakhs on mobile phones and devices, but jaws hit the floor when it's time to invest in a good mattress. Add better sleep infrastructure and subtract the gadgets and electronics from the bedroom.

Invest in mattresses that help relieve back pain and are made from organic and natural material and with the least traces of chemicals. This will aid in a sound sleep, reduce snoring, and provide a remedy for insomnia.

Eradicate Anxiety inducers:

Ironically the biggest anxiety-causing reason is lack of sleep, so instead of setting the alarm to wake up,set the alarm to go to bed on time. Most health apps on phones and health bands allow one to do this.

Take control of finances

During these uncertain times, most people are anxious about their finances. So, take charge and control finances – know precisely how much one earns as salary, rent, interest, dividends and other income and, more importantly, know exactly how much one spends – EMI, household expenses, entertainment, healthcare etc. Once one is aware of their financial health,their mental and physical health start improving.

Mindful Eating and Active lifestyle:

This pandemic has thrown eating habits and physical lifestyle out of whack. Work from Home isn't helping this either. Binge eating and watching content on OTT platforms have become buzzwords, and it's taking a toll on sleep and health. Complaints about traffic and the weather have given way to complaints about insomnia and poor posture like backaches.

Snacking compulsively and erratic work schedules have made people obese and sleep-deprived. Change that for the better and ensure logging off work, eating right and on time, including physical activity into daily schedules. Get out of the house and get some fresh air and sunlight.

Be surrounded by happiness and optimism

Stay away from negativity – people and things and surround yourself with positive and happy people. Stay in touch with people that make onesatisfied, and reach out to people who you make happy. Use Sundays to do this instead of just sleep. Just as Mahatma Gandhi said, Be the change you want to see; you could be the happiness you want everyone to be.

Optimism is the art of seeing the silver lining during adversity, and there is no shortage of doomsday theories floating around these days. Being optimistic and having a "this too shall pass" attitude about everything is the key to staying positive during these challenging times.

Being happy keeps chemical and hormonal imbalances in one's body in check,which are vital to sleep.

Be kind and emphatic:

Suppose there is anything that one can be in today's world be kind and compassionate. It's a rare trait, but something that can be taught and a kind deed makes you and everyone else who receives it happier and calmer. It improves self-worth and esteem, and these are vital ingredients to sound sleep and good health.

Sleep is an underrated commodity, and the damages of lack of sleep creep up on you slowly but surely and ensure that one gets sound sleep, hopefully without snoring.