IndiGo achieves new milestone in Indian aviation

IndiGo achieves new milestone in Indian aviation
IndiGo has achieved a historic landmark by surpassing the milestone of over 2,000 planned flights a day, making it the first airline in the country and marking a significant leap in operational capacity. According to the latest OAG Data for October 2023, IndiGo is among the top 10 airlines globally in both frequency and by seat capacity, further validating this achievement and showcasing the airline's continued growth trajectory on both domestic and international stages.
"IndiGo now has 2000+ scheduled daily flights, which include cargo operations, as well as CAPF & Army charters. The airline has achieved this figure in just 17 years since starting operations back in 2006, setting new benchmarks in operational efficiency, reliability, and customer orientation", said the airline spokesperson.
Pieter Elbers, Chief Executive Officer of IndiGo, said: "As we celebrate this remarkable milestone of surpassing 2,000 scheduled daily flights, we reflect on IndiGo's journey of reshaping the Indian aviation landscape. This milestone is more than a numerical feat; it's a strategic leap positioning us for enhanced connectivity and a redefined passenger experience. Our commitment to giving wings to the nation is palpable in our mission to connect people and aspirations across India", Elbers said.
IndiGo has significantly expanded its operations in the past half-year by introducing more than 20 new international routes, demonstrating our dedication to enhancing global connectivity. With an extensive network spanning 85 domestic destinations and 32 international locations, our goal is to transform the passenger journey and foster connections among people and ambitions throughout India. Operating under the 'Reassure, Develop, and Create' growth strategy, IndiGo holds substantial aspirations for the future. Backed by an industry-leading order book of nearly 1000 aircraft, the airline aims to double its current size by the decade's end, persisting in expanding both its domestic and international networks.
Source: IANS