India's 10 Most Powerful Central Bureaucrats

BENGALURU: Bureaucracy that governs and not reigns is the need of the hour. The highly revered bureaucrats are the ones who provide the ‘steel frame’ to the nation. Even the most popular political ‘babus’ of the nation are bound to take help from these bureaucrats.

They are smart, well educated, practical and also the ‘most wanted’ in a country like India. They are the powerful citizens of the country, who have the power and knowledge to make or break the country. In 2015, these 10 central bureaucrats can be seen as the most powerful Indians by the Indian Express power list-2015.

PK MishraP K Mishra:

Additional Principal Secretary to Prime Minister

The designation defines the power of P K Mishra. He holds all the crucial responsibilities of the Prime Minister’s Office. He is also responsible for the key government appointments. 65 year old P K Mishra though retired, has been recalled by Narendra Modi after his ascendance to the Prime ministerial office. He served as the Principal Secretary to Narendra Modi during 2002-2004, when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

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