India Engages in Tech Partnership with Brazil to Boost Ethanol Use

India Engages in Tech Partnership with Brazil to Boost Ethanol Use
India is currently engaging in discussions with Brazil to form a technological partnership aimed at increasing the adoption of ethanol as part of efforts to reduce carbon emissions through alternative fuels. Union Minister V K Singh highlighted Brazil's extensive experience in utilizing ethanol for vehicles, emphasizing the valuable lessons that can be gleaned from the South American nation.
"We can learn from them (Brazil) and collaborate with them to ensure that we also develop an ecosystem for ethanol and such alcohol-based fuels", the Minister of State (MoS) for Road Transport and Highways said at the 'Assocham-Fuels of the Future 2.0' conference in the national capital.
Continuing his statement, he emphasized the importance of raising awareness about alternative fuels as substitutes for fossil fuels. In addition to sugarcane, ethanol can be generated from sources such as broken rice, maize, and corn. "There is also a push on sustainable aviation fuel and we have conducted a trial of sustainable aviation fuels powered flight. The greatest challenge before us today is what alternative fuel we adopt and how we can bring about a change in mindset towards alternative fuels", said Singh who is also the minister of state for civil aviation.
Kenneth Felix Haczynski da Nobrega, the Ambassador of the Federative Republic of Brazil to India, expressed that the initiation of the Global BioFuel Alliance under India's G20 presidency marks a significant and pioneering effort in the realm of clean energy. "It heralds the beginning of a new phase, one that will consolidate bio-fuel technology as an important option for the decarbonization of our economies. The Brazilian Presidency of the G20 will push forward the implementation of the GBA", the ambassador said.
"Brazil and India have been developing technological dialogue on ethanol for three years we will further develop this partnership, this technological partnership and try to find new partners so that bio-fuel ethanol can be used in a larger number of countries and become a larger commodity. Brazil is ready to share its technology and its experience with India", he further added. Regarding the government's green hydrogen mission, Singh remarked that the mission is making remarkable progress in establishing green hydrogen as a viable fuel for diverse vehicle applications.