Implementation of MetaHuman Technology in Video Games

Implementation of MetaHuman Technology in Video Games

The impact on the video-games may be even greater in current Era, as many take up the pastime or increase the amount of time they play. Recently Epic Games has introduced its MetaHuman Animation technology that will soon made available on iPhones, making it easier and more accessible for game creators to use performance capture. The MetaHuman Animator feature set promises to bring a high quality character animation to more people, including indie game developers and hobbyists. The announcement is significant because it shows how Unreal Engine is testing the bounds of what is possible in game development and digital content creation. With the help of MetaHuman Animator, producers may achieve more immersive and lifelike characters in the games and other digital media which gives Gamers and Developers a hyper realistic game play.

The Next step into Gaming

At the recent Meet at Game Developers Conference 2023, the Epic Games video game company showcased their latest updates for Unreal Engine, their Graphic game engine. In the event we get a glimpse into some of the tools that we can expect soon into the world of Gaming, as well as how some of these tools are being used in upcoming games such as Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 which is an Action genre game and Hellblade 2 in the sequel of the First Hellblade. Now, with the new animation tools, creators can bring the characters to life with realistic facial expressions and movements. The company also unveiled its latest technology powering the Unreal Engine. And the team also announced that it will bring its MetaHuman Animation technology into iPhones, allowing the users to animate hyper realistic metaHuman characters using just an iPhone or a stereo helmet-mounted camera for facial performance capture. To demonstrate the capabilities of the MetaHuman Animator feature set, Epic Games showed off a quick clip from Ninja Theory which is also one of the video game development studio based in Cambridge, England. The animation tech demonstrated a performance from Hellblade. Based on the new animation tools it will make easier for creators to bring their characters to life, as they no longer need expensive motion capture equipment or specialized software. Instead, they can simply use their iPhone to capture the actor's facial expressions and movements, and the software will do the rest.

According to the Team the MetaHuman Animator feature set will allow users to capture the individuality, realism, and fidelity of an actor's performance and transfer every detail and nuance onto any MetaHuman to bring them to life in Unreal Engine. The technology can also sync with Motion capture systems for full-body motion capture, and the resulting animation can be aligned with audio or other motion capture data so it can be used accordingly. Epic Games also claims that the MetaHuman Animator feature set will make AAA quality character animation that can be available to more people, including indie game developers and hobbyists. The company also stated that the technology will work with any professional vertical stereo HMC capture solution, including those from Technoprops, delivering even higher-quality results. These new animation tools will be available this summer, and the creators are already looking forward to using them in their projects. The ability to create realistic facial animations quickly and easily will be a game-changer for video game developers, filmmakers, and other creators who rely on realistic human characters to tell their stories and other Digital media usage.

The technology is also said to be compatible with the iPhone 11 or later versions of iPhone and is set to launch in the summer of 2023. With the launch of MetaHuman Animator, Epic Games is making character animation more accessible to a wider range of people, allowing them to create high-quality content using just their iPhones. Unquestionably, this action will democratise the business and encourage the development of fresh, creative games that can contend with the top sellers on the market.

Other developments


In addition to the new animation tools, The Epic Games also shared news about Fortnite one of the top games that was introduced by the Company, According to Epic, Fortnite is to be updated with Unreal Engine 5 one of the Next Gen Engine, With the Unreal Editor for Fortnite, Epic Games has advanced that idea (UEFN). Players can use "Unreal Editor's development procedures and established PC based toolset" to add their own content to the well-known Battle Royale game using 'Verse' which is a brand-new programming language created specifically for the metaverse or also known as Game World. With UEFN, players may now broaden their horizons and build more immersive Islands within the game and have unmatched experiences.

With all these exciting developments in the works, it is clear that the Epic Games is committed to pushing the boundaries and Walls of what's possible in gaming and in digital media. Epic Games also announced that it is consolidating its digital asset stores into one of the huge marketplace called Fab, which will be launched later of this year. They also stated that the store will provide access to all available assets in the Unreal Engine Marketplace, Quixel Bridge, Artstation Marketplace, and Sketchfab. This move from Epic will make it easier for creators to find and access the assets they need for streamlining the digital content creation process. And also there was some additions to Unreal Engine 5.2’s  that is the upcoming generation tools, which Epic, Displayed  the Demo in a gorgeous “Electric Dreams” that took place in a dense, foliage-filled forest partially created with the new tools. These events show that Epic Games is committed to investing in the future of Unreal Engine and the creators who use it. By providing these new tools and initiatives, Epic is helping to support a more sustainable and equitable ecosystem for digital content creation.


In conclusion, The State of Unreal 2023 event that showcased some exciting updates and upcoming features for Unreal Engine, with the MetaHuman Animator tool being as one of the standout feature. The integration of digital asset stores into Fab shows that the goal of Epic Games is to push the limits of what is conceivable in the creation of digital entertainment