How Drone Technology Is Crucial To Real Estate Sector Of India?

How Drone Technology Is Crucial To Real Estate Sector Of India?

With the Union Ministry for Civil Aviation in India giving drones the green light to fly, the real estate industry is set to benefit greatly. The use of drones in real estate ensures that timely updates, aerial footage and high quality images are made easily accessible to all. Drone technology allows real estate developers and agents to take high-resolution photographs of the property and capture minute details from different angles. Up until now, the only possible method to take aerial shots was with a helicopter – not only is this extremely expensive but highly challenging as well.

With drones, you have the power to access high-grade imagery, study the nearby location and assess the property from varied vantage points. The buyer is able to get a proper feel of the neighbourhood, adding to the feeling of trust and credibility. This transparency is invaluable to buyers as well as developers. Apart from providing a macro visual of the property, drones can also help give an insightful tour of the home’s interior. Compared to a traditional camera, the viewer is able to properly visualize how it would feel to be inside the house.

Stressing upon the importance of drone technology are prominent real estate developers like Asif Balwa, CFO, DB Realty. An accurate assessment of construction progress using drones goes a long way in cutting investment risks while also providing the team with high quality assets to help them make informed decisions regarding the property. Drones can be actively used to create progress reports, important to developers as well as buyers. In today’s day and age, many homebuyers prefer to make their purchase while the property is under construction. Images, visuals and videos made using drones help give them a true sense of what the flat is eventually going to feel like. Be it a drone video to show the view or a quick progress update, drones help close the customer experience loop and offer a seamless experience.

From a developer’s point of view, the images, videos and photographs captured through the drone are extremely vital in understanding the property’s fallbacks and making amendments on the construction site itself. With a drone being used for imaging and surveillance, valuable time and effort can be dedicated to meeting strategic requirements of the construction project. Additionally, drones are rapidly changing the way risky and relatively challenging construction sites are mapped. Drones are used to acquire dependable and accurate information and perform quality control inspection while eliminating the risk of inefficiency or danger to human life.

There is no denying the fact that technology has revolutionized the real estate sector like never before. Renowned developers such as Asif Yusuf Balwa of DB Realty are looking forward to developing projects in compliance with new technological advancements.

Moreover, millennials are redefining the real estate industry as more of them look to become homeowners. According to a recent survey, 23 percent of Indian millennials are planning to move out of their parents’ house and become independent home owners. This makes it even more imperative for builders to take smart decisions and streamline their online strategies by deploying drones and other technological innovations.

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