How does security screens protect your home

How does security screens protect your home

With every passing day, the cases of burglary, breaking into a house, theft or robbery is increasing recklessly. In such a situation, you would certainly want to ensure maximum security to your house and family. To ensure property security, the use of various security measures like special locks, alarm systems and CCTV system etc. is quite common nowadays. But, unfortunately, even these cannot provide you with enough or maximum security. This is where the security screens system comes in.

These are special screens that can be applied on your doors and windows and these screens will ensure that the burglars or intruders cannot break into your house. These physical barriers will prevent the doors and windows of your house from been dismantled or jemmying open.

About the Security Screens:

When you install the security screen on the windows and doors of your house, it is installed in a different manner than the traditional method of installing doors and windows. There are no visible fixings, screws, bolts or clamps that are used to install the doors and windows with these screens. The screens are installed using a pressure fit system that makes it extremely difficult for the thieves and burglars to break into the house.

Benefits of Security Screens in Protecting your House:

While talking about the protection of your house, it is not just the protection from thieves and burglars, but also the protection from harsh weather and insects that needs to be talked about.

  • Circulation of Air and Light:

When you put a screen on your windows and doors, it should not make your house become stuffy and claustrophobic. There should be ample amount of air circulation and light, so that house is comfortable to live in. The security screen mesh ensures that the circulation of light and air in the house is uninterrupted.

  • Protection from Insects:

Like other security mesh or screens, these security screens for doors and windows of the houses are also a great addition for the house in terms of protecting it from the insects. However, unlike the mesh and screens that are meant only for providing protection from the insects, these security screen doors and windows are meant for providing protection from thieves and burglars as well.

  • Cyclone Protection:

As already mentioned, the security screen mesh can protect your house from the harsh impacts of weather and climate changes. If you live in an area that experiences severe storms and cyclones, especially during monsoon seasons, these screens will be especially useful in protecting your windows and doors during cyclones.

  • Energy Efficiency:

Along with these protective features of these screens that are meant for increasing the security of your household as well as the doors and windows, it must also be mentioned that they make the house extremely energy efficient. As it can protect the house from the outside heat or cold, the insulation of the house will work better. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the extremely high energy bills during extreme weathers of summer and winter. The insulation system stays protected as well and also, you can easily enjoy low energy bills once you install the security screen on your windows and door.

Installation of Security Screens on Doors and Windows:

Now that you have understood how the security screen doors will work for you in protecting your house, doors and windows from potential thefts, weather and climate damage and energy bills, it is time that you choose them for your home. These can be installed on steel, metal alloy, aluminium and other doors that are made using a combination of these materials.

The best part is that you can install them on a usual or traditional door and window design as well as on sliding doors and windows. Depending on how big or small the size of the doors and windows is, the price or cost of the security screen will differ. But, there are many companies that are making these systems and they are offering new innovations and more advanced systems. You can always search for a few companies, take recommendations as well as ask for quotations from them. the company that offers the best price for the best features, should be chosen.

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