How Can You Add a Payment Button to Your Website: A Step-by-Step Guide

How Can You Add a Payment Button to Your Website: A Step-by-Step Guide

An exponential rise in digital cashless payment methods has generated the need for a straightforward and hassle-free payment medium amongst online businesses. All those small, medium and large-scale companies who have set their footprints in e-commerce now know that they require a user-friendly medium to collect payments on your website.

And what if we tell you that we have the solution to your problem? You can simply add a payment button on a website to enable an easy payment method. Whether you are a content creator, an artist, or a social worker, adding a payment button can prove to help monetize your work in a few simple steps.

Why Should You Use Payment Buttons for Your E-Business?

1. Enhanced Customer Experience

Payment buttons significantly improve the buying experience for customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction. The customers can just be anywhere and make payments in just one go.

2. Improved Credibility

Instead of redirecting your customers to another payment application or website, the retailer can directly facilitate the transaction on their website. The instantaneous feature of payment buttons can reflect the authenticity of a business leading to enhanced customer loyalty and an improved reputation.

3. Increased Sales

Enhanced customer experience, improved credibility, and a seamless transaction process will definitely lead to increased sales. Due to fewer frictions and barriers during the payment process, the customers will remain more satisfied with the company. All these factors can altogether lead to increased sales and ultimately increased profits.

4. Powerful Security

Payment buttons add an extra layer of protection to your business because all the payment-related data is encrypted and tokenized. This protects the transaction in the event of an outside attack. Being an integrated payment application, it is PCI compliant and follows the latest payment security guidelines as well.

With the presence of all these security measures, your customers can be assured that their crucial information is safe and secure when they click on the payment button. So, are you ready to let your customers make payments for their purchases without leaving your website? Let’s read further to find out how you can add a payment button on a website with minimal technical expertise and zero coding.

Step 1: Among the many websites that offer the payment button services, choose the one that suits your business the best. This could be done through in-depth research.

Step 2: Once you finalize the best company to get the payment button from, navigate to the e-commerce tab and select the payment button option.

Step 3: In the next step, select the item you want to add to your payment button. You can create multiple payment buttons and attach different items to them.

Step 4: Select a CTA text, color, price, item description, and more to make your payment button perfectly gel with your website.

Step 5: Click enter and copy the generated code that appears on your screen right after.

Step 6: Paste the same onto your web platform and start collecting payments within your website itself.

Create Powerful Payment Buttons with Razorpay

Customers always look for secure and easy-to-use digital payment options. This is why placing a payment button on a website allows you to offer a flawless checkout experience to your customers, leading to ss cart abandonment and a higher conversion rate.

Razorpay Payment Button is a one-stop solution to collect both one-time and recurring payments. Moreover, the best part about placing the Razorpay Payment Button on your website is that it will be functional instantly, with an easy-to-set-up configuration and no coding.

There are multiple pre-made button templates available on Razorpay with numerous customization options. So, start your journey with the Razorpay Payment Button today to enjoy a simplified solution to collect digital payments!