Govt Withdraws 3 Agriculture Reform Bills: PM Modi

Govt Withdraws 3 Agriculture Reform Bills: PM Modi

Centre to withdraw three farm laws that were brought in to liberalize India’s agriculture markets.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, urges protesters to return to their homes.

The constitutional process to withdraw the laws will be completed within a month. He says "Our government is committed to farmers' welfare, especially small farmers. We are committed to serving them fully. We brought in farm laws with good intentions.

The three laws, introduced in September 2020, allowed farmers to directly sell their produce, outside government-regulated wholesale markets, to big buyers. The government says this will unshackle farmers and help them get better prices.

Since then, tens of thousands of farmers have camped on major highways to Delhi to oppose the laws, in India's longest-running farmer' against the government.

"Today I have come to tell you, the whole country, that we have decided to withdraw all three agricultural laws," Modi said, acknowledging his government had been unable to win complete support for the reforms.

"We couldn't convince a section of farmers despite best efforts. The goal of the three farm laws was to empower farmers, especially small farmers," he said.

The big announcement, which comes just as Punjab readies itself for assembly polls, would be viewed as a measure to appease the farmers of the state who protested the most against the bill.

In the first reaction coming after the announcement, Captain Amrinder Singh has welcomed the move.

Modi in his address pointed what his government has done to help the small farmers and gave his rationale for bringing the three agricultural reforms, which turned controversial later.