Go Green: Energy-Efficient Devices A Top Priority Among Indians

BANGALORE: The increasing drive all over the world to promote great eco-awareness and environmentally friendly efforts now hits among the Indians. Most of the Indians today favor activities that targets saving the earth and reducing energy consumption. As such, they prefer more energy-efficient device overlooking how expensive it is, revealed GfK report.

As per the recent study conducted by GfK, among 1000 respondents in the country revealed positive beliefs and attitudes from over 80 percent towards green behaviors ranging from buying low energy consumption devices, to supporting climate-friendly public transport, and carrying out energy saving renovation measures. Out of the surveyed respondents, about 89 percent are willing to pay more for products that are manufactured.

“However, it is important to highlight that environmental awareness with regard to household energy is very dependent on cost,” said Nikhil Mathur, Managing Director for GfK Consumer Choices in India. “Those who agreed with the statements are prepared to spend on energy-efficiency and energy-saving measures only if they are economically viable, and we noted that the higher the household income, the more people have this attitude.”

“Environmental awareness in India is strongly developed to some extent with individual consumers trying to consciously doing their part to save the earth,” said Mathur. “If each and every one of our 1.2 billion populations puts their words to action and contribute, even if it’s just a little, we would be definitely be a proud green nation of the world,” he concluded.

So, wants to name your nation as an environmentally friendly one? It’s in your hand!

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