Future of bitcoin and top bitcoin start-ups in India

Future of bitcoin and top bitcoin start-ups in India

The recent Supreme Court judgement uplifting the ban on cryptocurrencies has transformed the state of the market upside down. Since, then the market has witnessed a slow, yet steady growth and the prospects look quite promising.

Now, that the market is open for investors there has been much speculation as to which bitcoin trading platform one should go for. To our surprise we saw that start-ups are highly enthusiastic about this space probably as much as the investors.

There are many Blockchain trading platforms which have come up in the last couple of months and if must say the trend is picking up very fast.

So, let us get to know about these start-ups in more detail and see what it is like trading on them:

Debut Infotech

It is a full service Blockchain trading platform which lets you trade on over 100 cryptocurrencies. It has made use of a highly sophisticated ad advance software which is a perfect fit for modern-day trading. With intuitive features and IoT and AI functionality it has established itself as one of the most renowned and advanced trading platforms. Though it has been in the market since 2011, the recent Supreme court order has made it much more popular among Cryptocurrency traders. To add to its benefits is the list of services it provides like: Blockchain development, consultancy, and advisory services all on the cloud. The company has been doing very well till now and has garnered remarkable faith for itself.


A start-up in the cryptocurrency space which has garnered a lot of popularity. It came in the market in the year 2015 and has since been on a very progressive development track. It lets the users develop Blockchain apps for both advisory and trading purposes. Along with the platform itself lets the traders engage in cryptocurrency development and trading which includes prominent currency names like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar, Quorum, EOS, Tron, and R3 Corda etc. it is a well-known and reliable Blockchain start-up.


This is primarily dedicated to Blockchain solutions and development for the banking sector. Founded in the year 2016, by two engineers Rohan Nagpal and Shinam Arora, Primechain Technologies has since now collaborated with 27 banks across both national and international.

It has its prominent audience in India and Middle East and has associated with prominent banks of this region. Naming he network of block-chain system-based banks it has associated with BankChain it has created a unique and separate market for itself. Starting from verification, authentication, and storage of electronic records it provides a bracket of full-fledged block-chain based solutions to industries like capital markets, healthcare, governments, pharma, manufacturing, insurance, aviation, shipping, and defence.

Auxesis Group

Another start-up in the Blockchain solutions that has made it to the list of ‘Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Company’ in the world is the Auxesis Group. Though it is relatively new to the industry, it has still built quite a good reputation for itself.

Founded in the year 2015 by Kumar Gaurav, Auxesis provides its effective and efficient services like: AuxLedger, AuxCE, AuxPay, Darwinsurance, and Token Bazaar to small enterprises. It has its clients spread across various segments like: Supply chain and logistics, Insurance and banking market, Capital, and export market. The future holds good prospects for this one.


A relatively new yet prominent entrant in the market is Sofocle by Nidhi Chamria and Ravi Chamria. Started in the year 2017, this Noida based start-up has achieved significant strides in the Blockchain solutions market. Its range of blockchain solutions include trading, exchanges, and blockchain product developments. Along with that it also provides wallet consultations and advisory consultations on contracts and private blockchain products.

One of its most prominent products which have made a significant name for themselves in the market are:

  • SofoCap a supply chain financing solution
  • SofoChain a dedicated product for supply solution
  • SofoInsure a unique and autonomous claim processing solution-based system

Taking the Sofocle name ahead, the company’s products have captured a significant number of the target segment and is doing well.


It is a highly valued company that lets developers build and manage blockchain applications at a significant scale. The company was founded in the year 2015, by Raunaq Vaisoha, Anil Dukkipatty and Sahil Kathpal and with its continuous efforts and significant success it has managed to raised millions of dollars of capital by several angel investors. The company has a backing of several highly renowned and big investment players and hence the future looks very good for it. This is a result of its high-quality services and hassle-free processes which has made it a favourite of developers and hence investors as well. has successfully combined AI and blockchain technology to make user-friendly and secure products which has made it a feasible platform for developers.


Somish is one of the pioneer’s companies in Blockchain development technology and hence quite a popular one. It has been in product development since the beginning but recently only it took a different approach and ventured in building automation using the latest and the most sophisticated technology. This got it popularity from all over the world and the company has become a go to go destination of various national and international Blockchain developers. Since its inception the company has successfully expanded its reach and has been serving clients of a magnitude spectrum including aviation, insurance, crisis fund distribution, subsidy distribution, bill discounting, and tokenised fund transfer. It even has a dedicated subsidiary which is wholly working on providing blockchain solutions to decentralised governance projects.

With this rapid rate of growth and development, India is going to be the next Cryptocurrency Hub. Let us just wait and see what future holds for these companies working in this space.