From Corporate Biggies to Entertainers to Sports Personalities: Meet The Fresh Faces In LS Polls 2014

BANGALORE: India’s upcoming 16th Lok Sabha polls will indeed be the biggest show of the power of people. The picturization of Indian politics that was once seen as a legacy carried forward by only the people from the political background no more seems in that way. At present, many people from different walks of life are venturing into politicswith the hope of bringing a change in the country. Here are 10 such fresh faces that are all set to make a difference in the upcoming polls, as compiled by Economic Times.

Nandan Nilekani: Noted entrepreneur and Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani is one such well known technocrat who is all set to contest in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

He was named the Congress candidate from the 1.6 million strong South Bangalore constituency and will face sitting MP and five-time Member of Parliament from this constituency, Ananth Kumar of the BJP.
He told reporters, making public his stand on the politics for the first time, "Certainly. I believe I should do something on the political front," reports TNN. "If you want to get rid of corruption, poor governance, poverty and all other ills plaguing the country, then the only way is to enter politics, become a lawmaker and do your best to change things for the better,” added Nilekani.

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