FICCI-BVMW to Airlift 1,500 Oxygen Concentrators from Germany

FICCI-BVMW to Airlift 1,500 Oxygen Concentrators from Germany

To counter the stressful covid-19 battle, FICCI, and its partner association BVMW (German Association of Small and Medium sized Enterprises) have come forward to support by effectively buying 1500 oxygen concentrators for private entities in the Indian Healthcare industry, as a measure to combat the current crisis. However, the first batch of the freight comprising the medical devices and accessories is expected to be airlifted from Frankfurt Airport today and would soon be available in various hospitals across India to help the patients in need.

As per to FICCI, this is the best example, that reveals that how important overseas partnerships are to hold each other’s back, especially in such challenging times. Indian mission in Germany, BVMW and FICCI put together a concerted effort to make it happen without delay.

Daniel Raja, BVMW Representative says, “Considering the current crisis in India and the huge global demand of such medical equipment, this procurement is an important achievement which was only possible due to the close collaboration between FICCI, the Indian mission and BVMW.”

Since the signing of the MoU between FICCI and BVMW in 2016, several significant initiatives have been undertaken to strengthen Indo-German business relations.

However, FICCI’s presence and groundwork in across different countries has been crucial for Indian companies that prefer to create into business tie-ups with foreign companies and also get a foothold in overseas markets. There are also plans to increase the joint activities with BVMW by conducting frequent business studies and events.