Drone Technology To Dominate The World's Future Warfare

BENGALURU: It is time for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones to take over the humans. Defense One, a site dedicated to security forces reports that drones will be adopted by all the nations in the world within a decade from now. All the countries will soon build or buy UAVs or drones. It is surprising that despite of having a bloody track record, drones emerge to be the favorite choice of militaries world over.

Also the United States can no more stop the rush of countries drifting to drone technology as the choice of weapon. The drone club at present has the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Israel, Iran, Pakistan and China as its members. Others like South Africa and India are looking to join the club as soon as possible.

As anticipated China could be the manufacturing hub for building knockoff drones which are expected to flood the markets very soon.

Noel Sharkey, a robotics and artificial intelligence professor from the University of Sheffield, UK, told Defense One that, “Once countries like China start exporting these, they’re going to be everywhere really quickly. Within the next 10 years, every country will have these. There’s nothing illegal about these unless you use them to attack other countries. Anything you can [legally] do with a fighter jet, you can do with a drone.”

Besides that, U.S. has a road map for “fully autonomous machines by 2030.” But the latest news is that the U.S. military might has reduced budget allocations for drone technology indicating that the country is now looking to other forms of weapons.

However if the future landscape of warfare has a nightmarish proportion of these hunter killers it could lead to more innocent deaths. All such drone misfires so far have been tagged as terrorist attacks. Therefore in case the nations world over take to drone technology, people have to be more vary of UAV failures.

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