Digital for beginners: the basics explained

Digital for beginners: the basics explained

Making the transition into the digital realm is very easy if you are a millennial, but to many people,from a previous era (like the parents or even grandparents of those millennials) it is a difficult and completely new place. For those who grew up in an era when phones were still attached to building it can be hard to know where to start. The people are certainly not stupid, and almost certainly they know that digital is an important space to be playing in, but quite how to get there – that is the problem for them. It is like they know that they need to go on a journey, but they have no idea where the trip starts. If this is you, of you know somebody like this, here are a few basics for getting started in the digital space.

Take it slowly

Remember that this is a journey, not a destination. The digital world is quite confusing, largely because it is very diverse and there is a lot going on. So, don’t be side-tracked by all the acronyms or the well-intentioned people who will insist on telling you the best way to do things. It is just the same as when you have your first child – everyone who has ever been a parent before will tell you how to be a parent; what works and what doesn’t. the biggest problem, of course, is that everybody tells you something different. So, find somebody, or a few key people, who you feel that you can trust, and go with them. And if you really are clueless then a god place to start would be to make contact with the best SEO agency Sydney has available. A top SEO agency will be able to help you,not just with SEO, but with a full-on digital strategy.

Know what you want

You need a masterplan. Just deciding that you need a website because everyone else has one is not a plan at all – it is the start of getting into trouble. It is not a case of needing or wanting a website it is about knowing what you want to get from the site and planning how you are going to get it. Ask yourself what you want your site to achieve. How many visitors are you expecting? How do you intend to generate traffic? Once you know the answers to these questions you can then decide how much you are willing to spend on building and designing the site. If you are only going to get ten visitors a week then you certainly don’t want to be spending too much on the site – unless of course each of those ten visitors is going to be spending ten thousand dollars a time. The point is, only once you have asked the important question you can start the build.

It is never finished

A frequent mistake made by digital novices is to think that a website is finished. The truth is that it’s always a work in progress. It will change regularly, not just in terms of content, but also as technology advances and changes. If you think that you can simply develop a website and then sit back and leave it, you will quickly learn that you have been badly left behind.

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