Diamonds shine for generations irrespective of the design!

Diamonds shine for generations irrespective of the design!

Mother Earth has always blessed us with magnanimity of natural resources.Somewhere around 5000 years ago we realized the power of the precious stones.Humans have scientifically excelled the art of exploring and utilizing the precious metals in ornamentation. History books exhibited the Indus valley civilization rich heritance of art with varied metals and being adorned by both men and women.The brilliance of artistic crafts studded with precious gems makes them even more valuable. One eye catchy dazzling gem which captivates the feelings of every woman is the most precious diamond. Women consider diamond as her best friend and any jewellery with diamond embedded makes her a quintessential beauty.

Gold is always evolving and never gets outdated. Once a possession of only the royal families it has now made space in every household of commoner. Similar seems to be now the feasibility to own a diamond with the availability of varied sizes and light weighted designs. Though the design becomes lighter for the pocket the value of the diamond remains intact as its glitter. One ornament which has the maximum glitter of stones is a diamond necklace.

Diamond Necklace:

Every women dreams of a dazzling strand which glitters and shines like a princess in a fairy tale. The diamond necklace strikes a perfect balance in elegance and sophistication. Be it in uncut, traditional, contemporary designs or the modern fashionable strand each necklace is exquisite and comes in fine art and handcrafted design.

Diamond Necklace Designs offer a platter of choice.

Heavy Uncut Diamond Necklace: The long designs in gold shun out subtle brilliance when they are studded with polkis or the uncut diamonds. These heavy uncut diamond necklaces look a perfect on traditional as well as fusion wear.

Simple short necklace: Regularly adorned short and simple diamond necklace come in varied styles and designs. Be it the mango shaped or leaf shaped motifs, the Meenakarai style or traditional ornamentation embedded in pure yellow gold, every design is the skillful craft of the craftsmen.

Kundan diamond necklace: Kundan is very popular for its rich art and being a famous royal design. Although old in style yet its fusion with pearls or other gems amazingly strikes a perfect blend of ancestral inspirational ornamentation.

Nature inspired designs: Diamond necklaces in floral, celestial objects, national bird and national flower are prominent and trending now. Their uniqueness adds grace and charm to the ones adorning them.

Diamond Choker necklace: Choker style looks grand and brilliantly stunning when adorned by any bride. This was once outdated but as the saying goes that “Old is Gold” similarly the trend in gold never gets old. Being themselves beautiful they make the women wearing them even more exquisite.

Antique diamond necklace: Diamonds being the hardest, live longer than human.They are passed through generations as blessing. Its neither ever outdated nor do they ever get old. Often antique diamond necklace carries the traditions forward both in design and the gifting culture.

Layered diamond necklace: Every woman loves to experiment new styles in fashion. The unique style of multi layered necklace is classy, stylish and adorable to wear.

When speaking of diamonds and the necklace it is impossible to miss the daily worn ultimate necklace –The Mangalsutra

Diamond Mangalsutra: Necklaces are worn as matter of style but there is one ornament which is just not a garland but a mark of auspicious tradition. Jewellery adorning is a choice which is decided on the budget and buying capacity of the pockets, but every married woman does adorn a mangalsutra. Mangalsutra is worn daily and the black beads when paired with the dazzling diamonds look even more elegant.

Black beads with simple diamond pendant: The simple strand of black beads with a dazzling pendant at the end shines and glitters in many unique designs. These pendants of various sizes and shapes also have meaningful nature inspirations like flowers, celestial objects, simple tear drop pendant or a heavy bold design and such more trends.

Globalization has made online outlets prevalent. They are preferred for being available 24 X7 because neither they are on holiday nor have a closing time like a retail outlet. The question about reliability definitely arises to which simple answer is always the most trustworthy brand. Vaibav jewelers a renowned mark in the ornamentation business offers quality at the Best price. The makers are well knowledgeable with the art and craft and on a regular basis. They tailor make the ornaments as per clientele choice. Thankfully these can be proven with authenticated certificates of BIS Hallmark which also promise quality and resale.Please visit the website to ascertain and decide because precious metals are for lifetime.

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