Data mining increases in importance as technology expands

Data mining increases in importance as technology expandsBefore the awakening of technological disruption swept across the planet, gold was the most valuable asset in the world. Now, with technology reigning supreme, data is the new gold. The growth of technology and digital disruption has inevitably led to the growth of data in motion. In short, data mining is the systematic function that merges information with data to create intelligence. Ultimately, data mining is the delivery of monumental quantities of data. This is often an unstructured process, and the goal is to aggregate data and ultimately report results, search for patterns, and find relationships between variables.

As humans, it is in our nature to make mistakes. As such, we often make the assumptions that do not always prove to be acutely correct. Data is designed to attest our assumptions and shortcomings, challenging them and correcting them simultaneously. Data mining is designed to train the deep neural networks that drive most automated systems and developments in technological systems. For some of us, grasping the importance of technological innovations like data mining can be more difficult than it is for others. ITU’s CTO KranthiLammatha is one of those with the talent for not only being able to understand data mining, but use it to his advantage.

Data is about the most overlooked aspect of technological disruption there is. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analysis’ are all incredible feats of technological impact, but none of them mean anything without their core – data. In short, data drives just about every technological. This data-driven world continues to expand as our reliance on technology and digitalisation continue to ramp up. One of the industries that is feeling the need for technological innovation the most – and thus could benefit the most from tech movements like data mining – is the higher education sector. Technological innovation has brought to the helm a new era for data mining, and this era is only now in its infancy stages.

Lammatha’s experience and work covered a variety of topics, including interconnecting university communication systems, cloud-based system creation and activation, and software and IT security. He understands the necessity of technological impact in the education industry, and he is personally seeing to it that the lagging infrastructure in higher education systems in places like India is built up and strengthened tenfold. In countries like India, Lammatha has created technological systems – involving data mining – that have strengthened the higher education system just in the short time they have been in motion. And this is only the beginning.

The higher education industry is one that could use more data mining processes to improve its overall structure and inner functions. Data mining is all about acute quality assurance, and in this era of increasingly digital dependence, we could use all the assistance we can get with this particular aspect of the higher education sector. The institutions that have successfully managed to leverage data to source information and intelligence, to use to their acute advantage, are the ones that are finding the most success going forward.

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