Cybersecurity: Is it Time To Change Our Mindset?

Cybersecurity: Is it Time To Change Our Mindset?

The threats to personal and business networks have increased drastically over the years. Today, it is no longer possible to overlook the cybersecurity needs of the business. The nature of attacks to networks as well as the motives behind attacks have all evolved. The internet has undoubtedly become very close to our personal lives and business lives. In a world where cybercrime can amount to sabotage, fraud and even terrorism, it is no longer possible to ignore the need for robust cybersecurity systems.

The Challenge

For organizations and private companies, the concern is quite big. Vulnerabilities in the networks can lead to big financial losses. According to Barkly, the average cost of a single ransomware attack in the modern day is $5 million. It is not just the money that is at risk during a cyber attack though. The reputation of the company can go down the drain and this could possibly lead to the total collapse of the business. This is why the costs of protecting the things that matter in the company have gone up. The technology has evolved so quickly that it is no longer possible to guarantee total protection of networks. Even though new solutions to threats are being developed each day, new hacker threats are also being realized at the same pace.

What companies need to do

At such a time when there is no surety about anything, the real question becomes – what is the best way of tackling modern security challenges? The solution lies in having real-time responses to cyber attacks. For many years, companies have relied on having proactive measures. This is not the only strategy needed though. The attitudes towards cybersecurity should change to allow more progressive measures. Reactive and real-time responses also need to be put in place such that no threats are allowed to sail through.

It is not out of place for companies to assume that their networks will be attacked. In fact, it is best to anticipate attacks and to act on them immediately they take place. In order to be successful when doing this, companies will be required to take the front seat when it comes to detecting threats.

The essence of the new approach

The problem with the traditional cybersecurity measures is that they are often too late when it comes to detection. This is because it is only possible to detect attacks that have already happened. The focus of companies thus becomes correcting the damage that has already been done. The weaknesses of this approach are seen every time a company comes out to announce the details of data breaches. With the ability to detect threats in real-time though, companies can prevent any damage that an attacker might be trying to cause.

The great thing is that there are already such solutions being developed. Sophisticated in-memory solutions from various cybersecurity companies are actively making the internet safer through the use of different approaches all at once. As Jamie Cambell from GoBestVPN has noted, the strategic partnerships that have happened in the recent past between the key organizations in the cybersecurity realm have yielded some great results.

High-performance computing platforms are able to achieve super speeds that are many times faster than what is currently on the market. The speed of such platforms is critical for quick detection of threats. For companies that have embraced the new systems, there is no delay when it comes to active threat detection.

Importance of setting priorities

While the capacity to detect threats in real-time is achievable, it is important to prioritize strategic targets in times of attacks. These high-value targets are some of those that might lead to great losses in terms of financial and data terms. Critical data infrastructure and financial operation platforms, for instance, should take precedence when it comes to protection during an attack.

The final word

Cybersecurity threats are real and there is no going around that fact. Every organization thus needs to have robust systems that are meant to deal with cyber attacks. Cybercrime is evolving with each passing day and there is no single entity that can claim to have complete solutions for threats. With the right attitude, however, companies can be able to detect and prevent attacks with strategy. The best way of keeping valuable assets safe is by having real-time threat detection and resolution tactics.

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