Cricket 2019: India, Australia, and UK Vision

Cricket 2019: India, Australia, and UK Vision

ICC Cricket World Cup was a huge event in sports life. Thousands of fans were waiting for the event anxiously. The tickets were sold out quicker than usual. This was the first time since 1975 that tests playing teams were not playing together. 12 th Cup had 10 teams in one group and each team had to play with the other nine teams. The group included Australia, Afghanistan, England, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand. The top four teams had to play out in the points tally. Only four teams moved to semi-finals — England, India, New Zealand, and Australia. Two best teams fought for the championship at host stadium — Lord’s — on July 14, 2019.

The Cup 2019 was unlike previous championships. Cricket fans after they read more on Stumped.App about teams’ reactions to new rules. There were many disputes about new rules that some experts even consider this to be the reason for the failure of certain teams.

Cricket Strategy of Australian Team

Australian launched its five-year strategy in 2017. The vision was to become one of the most popular sports in the country and promote the image of cricket. Coaches, club members, and even volunteers participated in creating a new strategy. Tremendous work was done for a year. Australian team believes that this is exactly what helped to put Sri Lanka behind. Jason Behrendorff and Kane Richardson did a magnificent job to make the ball rolling. They are real cricket experts.

The Cup had numerous critical and harsh matches showing how well many teams had been preparing for the game. Now it is time to analyze mistakes that lead to loss and start preparing for upcoming cricket events.

The Australian team has a clear vision regarding its objectives and future cricket events. The strategy involves gender diversity. It will help promote the game among women too.

Dashed Dreams of India

Despite numerous efforts and incredible games, the Indian team did not make it until the end, giving the first place to England. Manchester could feel the pain of the Indian team once it became clear that the team had lost. Virat Kohli, who had been incredibly successful for the last five years, had to put up with losses. There have been many disputes regarding certain decisions, including to hold back Dhoni for so long. Now the time comes to analyze mistakes and start working on new tactics. It is not clear whether Kohli has a certain vision on future strategy. His encouraging and motivational approach will definitely help players to pull themselves together to go for new successes.

The Indian team will have to do its best to change the results in the future. With the right strategy, tactics and players, India can return to better positions in the future. Some experts say that even the next Cup can bring the desired victory to the Indian team. The tactics are the coach’s prerogative. Let’s see how the satiation changes in the future.

New Success of the English Team in 2019

2019 Cup ended with incredible news for the English team — they became the champions. It is had been 27 years since the last victory. The team is going to celebrate as crazy as back then in 1992. Michael Vaughan, who used to be a coach of the team, did not wait even until the end of the game. It was clear from the very beginning how the game would end. Vaughan started to twit while his former teammates were going straight to the victory. Kevin Pietersen did not miss a chance to comment on the match. He advised players to take boots off to improve the results.

It took a while for the English team to set the right tactics and strategy. After numerous failures, English cricket began to improve its results showing some positive progress. Fans confess they were not expecting such an amazing surprise from the team. Now it is important to fix the position and not to lose in future matches. The English team will continue working on its vision for the next years. It is important to be more specific about tactics that really work.