Common plumbing problems you can check yourself

Common plumbing problems you can check yourself

Searching for a 24 hour plumber is easy nowadays, for every plumbing company is normally open for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. But searching for a quality 24 hour plumber is a tricky task. In Sydney, we have plumbers everywhere; in the darkest corners of the road, in the most crowded places, in an alley where nobody knows about, and many more. But searching for a professional 24 hour plumber isn’t easy because not all company is committed to their job. Here are some of the things that you need to check regularly to avoid having to call a plumber at 2 AM in the morning:

Leaks and leaky pipes: Leaky pipes are a common problem in Sydney and basically everywhere else. You might think that fixing a broken pipe is easy because all you have to do is apply tapes on it every now and then and the leaking will stop. Sure, it will solve the problem for a day or two, but then the water will wet the tape and it will become loose again. So besides fixing it temporarily, you can call professional plumbers like us to help you out with a long-term solution. Having a leaky pipe at home isn’t the most comfortable way to live, so you can reach out to our number and we will help you out immediately.

Clogged pipes: Pipes don’t only leak and break, but they also get clogged and blocked. By what? By many things like small debris to big food wastes and accidentally dropped materials. These can get stuck inside your pipe and block the whole thing, disabling water from flowing inside it. You may think that unblocking a clogged pipe is easy, right? I mean, all you have to do is take out the filter and either scrub it with a long sponge or drain hot water in it. But this is also just a short-term solution.

Brown dirty water: Have you ever noticed your water suddenly turning brown or rather tinted? When this happens, it means that somewhere along your water system, a segment of your pipe is supposedly damaged or broken. This causes the water to get mixed with soil and dirt from the outside of the pipe environment, tinting the water. Not only is the sight unpleasant, but the water is also dirty and unhealthy. Soil contains unknown minerals and compositions that we don’t know whether it is safe for our skin or not. Also, bacteria and germs can also contaminate water.

Water pressure: Have you ever showered and suddenly the water pressure drops?This is caused by leaky or clogged pipes. The water is unable to flow properly, and the speed of it coming out is different than usual. So when this happens, your best bet is to call any plumbing business-like 24 hour plumber like Mr. Splash Plumbing so we can check out your pipe and see if you need fixing or replacing.

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