CleverTap gears up for the next stage of growth, focuses on maximizing customer lifetime value for businesses

CleverTap gears up for the next stage of growth, focuses on maximizing customer lifetime value for businesses
In light of the ever-evolving demands of the market, CleverTap, the all-in-one engagement platform, marked a strategic redirection towards focusing on helping businesses maximize customer lifetime value (CLV). As businesses start focusing on sustainable growth and long-term profitability, understanding the potential of CLV is critical. 
To maximize customer lifetime value, it is critical to enhance the customer experience and foster long-term customer relationships. This requires brands to stand out in saturated markets. Despite marketers increasing focus on customer-facing digital experiences, most customers believe that it doesn’t impact what they end up buying. Overcoming this requires brands to create lasting impressions by understanding their customers through insights across touchpoints. To actualize this, CleverTap offers key capabilities designed to meet diverse needs across business models E-commerce, Subscriptions (OTT), Financial Services, Gaming, and more with the following capabilities:
  • Understanding customers for life with limitless data 
  • Personalizing every experience to build brand love, loyalty, and advocacy
  • Creating customers for life with in-moment experiences, designed and optimized for scale, in real-time 
  • Transcending boundaries through omni-channel experiences
  • AI-driven empathetic insights for smarter, faster decisions
  • Curating purpose-built solutions for different business models
Anand Jain, Co-Founder, and Chief Product Officer, CleverTap, said, "10 years ago when we started building CleverTap, our aim was to ensure the foundation of the platform is future proof and agile enough to adapt. Over the last few years consumer behavior and needs have evolved faster than the rate at which marketers can keep up with. The customer attention is divided today due to distractions by noisy marketing competing for marketing share. Our all-in-one solution allows brands to focus on building deep relationships with their users by leveraging the power of hyper-personalization, which helps maximize CLV. ” 
Source: Press Release