Chicago's Iconic India Independence Day Parade Brightens Devon Avenue's "Little India"

Chicago's Iconic India Independence Day Parade Brightens Devon Avenue's

A dazzling display of Indian pride takes place on Devon Avenue’s ‘Little India’.

The Federation of Indian Associations of Chicago, led by Mr Rajesh Patel, had arranged a spectacular parade on Devon Avenue to commemorate India's 75th Independence Day. Ms Smita Shah, Mr Niranjan Shah's daughter, marshalled the march.

United States’ ranking Congressman Danny Davis participated in India’s Iconic Chicago Parade. Addressing the Community from the Grand Stand, Congressman Danny Davis said, “I wish India and Indian Community a very happy India Independence Day and congratulate the organizers for this exceptionally beautiful parade.”

Instantaneously reciprocating Congressman Danny Davis for his greetings and compliments, President Rajesh Patel stated that Indian Community is grateful to Congressman for attending the Parade. He also thanked him for Congressman Danny Davis’ continued support to all NRIs.

Highlighting the significance of the current year’s Parade, President Rajesh Patel stated, “Today’s Parade The parade receded into history the ghastly memories of community’s sufferings from the preceding coved-19 pandemic.”

Rajesh Patel also expressed gratitude to the Chicago Police Department for assisting the organizers in ensuring the parade ran well. He expressed gratitude for the business community’s support, which has just recently recovered from the negative impact of the Coved-19.

Ms Khushi Patel, the glamour world's heartthrob diva, was the parade's headline attraction. She is the Miss India USA Miss Popular 2021 winner, as well as Miss India Florida 2021. Spectators, particularly the young, were spotted crowding and leaping over obstacles to approach her.

The world-famous Devon Avenue in Chicago, often known as 'Little India,' was decked out in India's primary colors—Orange, White, and Green—with fluttering flags. It was elegantly ornamented with specially imported ceremonial accouterments from India.

On both sides of the street, spectators cheered as a long line of floats marched by Devon Avenue. The march was led by the Ismaili Community's renowned pipe band. The floats represented India's various states and regions. The group of Maharastra Mandal, with their booming lezim, drew the loudest ovation along the road. The Metropolitan Asian Family Services' majestic float roared "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" as it passed the stand. Additionally, the following groups had floats march by the Grand Stand: VHP and the Sardar Patel Foundation.

Political organizations also took part in the parade march. Representative Danny Davis, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Illinois Senator Ram Vallivalam, Mayor Jassal Patel, Mayor Sangeetha Rayapati of Moline, Maine County Trustee Asif Malik, and Illinois State Representative Ms Denyse Wang Stoneback were among the notable attendees.

Judge Rena Vantine, Judge Sanjay Tailor, Indo American Democratic Organization President Susan Patel, and Ms Valerie from High Ridge's HRCC were also in attendance. Commissioner Josina Morita of the Water Reclamation District and Commissioner Mariyana Spyropoulos of the Water Reclamation District also marched in the parade.

Raj Patel, Hemant Patel, Jayesh Patel, Amar Upadhyay, Satheesan Nair, Vinod Patel, and Tribhovan Gaur marched in the Parade, as were trustees Sunny Gabawala, Babu Marsha Patel, Sher Rajput, Anil Pillai, Sohan Joshi, Minhaz Akhter, and Kanti N Patel. Several officers from the Indian Army also took part in the Parade. Amit Kumar, India's local diplomat and Consul General of India, did not attend India's Independence Day Parade. PK Mishra, his subordinate, was substituted.

Patricia Theresa Flyen and Dilara Sayeed, both of whom are political aspirants, were also mentioned. The procession was also attended by the Indian Overseas Congress of the United States of America (Kerala Chapter).

Additionally, the procession featured other business participants, including Prism Health Lab, the Tiffin-Udupi-ISP conglomerate, CK Motors Elgin, Shreeji Builders, Patel Brothers, Regal Jewelers, and World Fresh Market.

Source: Press Release