Can You Take a Chartered Flight in India?

Can You Take a Chartered Flight in India?

The way that people travel has changed immensely in the past 12 to 18 months. Taking a domestic flight from one part of India to another was no issue for most people. Those who had more means would relax in business class or first class, while everyone else was in economy class.

Domestic flights are still operating, but people who want to stay safe from the pandemic, or have privacy while flying, may want a different experience.

A chartered flight is the best way to travel, because you are by yourself and cannot be disturbed.

Below is an explanation of taking chartered flights within India.

Chartered Flights Are Allowed in India

If you wish to take a private jet in India, there is nothing stopping you. There are no rules or regulations that exclude chartered flights from any of the major airports throughout the country.

The private jet price in India will vary based on the season that you are traveling, where you are traveling to and from, and what amenities you are seeking. Most people should expect to pay more than a typical first class ticket for the relevant trips, which is why a chartered flight is considered the most exclusive and high-end way to travel.

One of the perks of traveling by chartered flight in India is that you get the absolute best experience throughout your travels. When you arrive at the airport, you are taken to a separate area where you go through security and drive up to the spot on the runway where your plane is waiting.


Booking a Private Jet

The issue for a lot of people, especially those who are coming to India for holidays or a business trip from the United States, is booking a chartered flight from a respectable company.

There are so many issues that you can experience if you make the mistake of booking with a disreputable company. You may have heard about some scams, where people claim that you have booked a flight, but when you show up at the relevant runway there is no plane.

Avoid such a fate by booking with companies that have a national and international reputation. The first step involves checking their online reviews, which you can readily find through Google Reviews, Yelp, or relevant regional websites.

Reviews help you understand the experiences of other customers. Do read through the reviews to ensure they appear genuine, as some companies may pay money to have people leave fake reviews to boost up their business. Make sure the reviewers have their real profile picture and name, while their review is intelligible.

How to Find the Best Deal on Chartered Flights

When you are planning a vacation throughout India, you will have to spend a fair amount of money to have a great experience. The good news is that you can always save money on every transaction, including booking a private jet.

People assume that chartering a flight has to be insanely expensive, but that is not the case. If you are traveling off-season, you will find that most private jet companies have promotions running.

Another way to get a great deal on your private jet bookings is by using the same company for all your trips within India. If they know you are planning to book four or five flights, such as from Mumbai to Delhi to Amritsar and so on, they will give you a significant per flight discount.

Families should keep in mind that flying by private jet is not necessarily the most expensive way for them to vacation. If you are one or two people, renting a jet costs a lot more than two first class tickets. That equation becomes different if you have children or extended family traveling with you.

A party of five or six people may even save money on a private jet, compared to buying five or six first class tickets. That is why chartering a flight is not only the most comfortable and safe way to travel around India, but it may even be an economically sound option for your family.

Staying Safe While Traveling


Staying Safe While Traveling

When you are traveling through a different country, you do have to take precautions to ensure you are safe throughout the trip. Having a proper itinerary is a good way to keep yourself safe, as you will have a clear plan for where you are going and spending the night during your vacation.

Another tip is to have relevant phone numbers saved on your smartphone, along with backup copies printed on a sheet of paper. These numbers should include your relevant contact details, information about your family, details of anyone you know in India, and details about the hotel where you are staying.

Having such details handy is helpful if you do get into an accident or experience some other incident. Say you lose your phone and forget the address of your hotel; you will have that information on a piece of paper in your bag.

Enjoy Your Vacation in India

Even though most people associate India with being a very hectic and crowded place, the country has immense natural beauty, culture, and a vibrant city life. When you go from one region to another, you would be forgiven for thinking you were in a new country.

If you have never been to India and wish to see several cities, booking chartered flights may be the best way to get around. You can fly in style and comfort, while avoiding the disruptions of commercial flights. Staying safe from the global pandemic is another bonus.