Brilliant Start-Up idea earns Young Tech Guru INR 3.5 Crores in one year

Brilliant Start-Up idea earns Young Tech Guru INR 3.5 Crores in one year

Romy Johnson, a brilliant entrepreneur, had come up with the perfect plan to expand his business of the already established international test preparation center in Kochi to Canada. With the name of Cool Gurus, this online platform has been created as an e-learning website that provides online courses IELTS Company is valued at more than 55 crores. The success of this company since its inception has proved that its value shall increase the days go by.

How did the business come into being?

Since a young age, Romy had shown an interest to start and invest in his own business and had been quite the strong-willed young man as he lost his father at the young age of 17 when he had to leave his studies at the University of Regina, Canada. He moved back to India to take care of his mother and younger brother. He took a massive risk by investing in his company by taking a loan by keeping his house as a mortgage. He also stopped his mother from working in a local supermarket for a meager sum of $140 per month. All his efforts bore fruit as now at the age of only 21, and he is one of the youngest most successful startup company owners. His company Cool Gurus which is a joint venture with the Kerala based company British India Academy has taken the market with a storm. Having a humble background, this company is now ready to fly to new heights and expand overseas.

Cool Gurus has been aimed to provide users with a brilliant platform for not just E-learning but much more. Romy and his teammates are providing web solutions for the growth of businesses, education, social responsibility and a path which the public sector can take to improve teaching and the learning of the English language in a cost-friendly and straightforward way which can be accessed by all.

Cool Gurus will attract a number of learners from India, China, Poland, Russia, Portugal and from other places around the world who wish to learn the English language and are interested in the IELTS online course. These courses will be available to the users on-demand with a dedicated LMS or as a subscription plan with the learners can take according to their specific needs.

The English language is a must need for most international companies. Millions of non-native English speakers take up English language instruction courses, and this industry is booming as it is worth a whopping $63 billion. Cool Gurus is swiftly making a space for itself in this competitive market to provide students personalized web-based learning tailored according to their level of language proficiency and learning abilities so that they inculcate English as smoothly and fast as possible. It also offers live tutor support and so that any doubts of these learners can be clarified by the educators and will help the students clear the IELTS examination without any hassle. Since it is an e-Learning platform, students can prepare for this examination anywhere and at any time.

Brilliant Start-Up idea earns Young Tech Guru INR 3.5 Crores in one year

As you all shall know, the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is a widely recognized official examination that is accepted by immigration authorities all across the world. This examination plays a chief role in using language assessment as a means to control immigration to dominant English speaking countries. Many people wish to learn the English language from top educators in classrooms and they don’t always get the right attention and opportunity to access top quality study materials. Cool Gurus tries to bridge the gap between students who get in-class learning and others who rely on the internet for education. The high standard of material provided to the users of this Romy's start-up will find themselves getting the chance to study under a personalized lesson plan that suits their needs. The experts at Cool Guru have been hand-picked to provide the very best to all the students who up their faith in this company.

Bright Future for this Company

With new users being added to their user base every month, this company is reaching new heights. The success of this company has led Romy to offer educational benefits as well as reimbursements to exceptional students. This company also provides scholarships to underprivileged users. Hopefully, this noble idea of the 21-year-old will expand all over the world in the coming years.