Bella Vita Organic: The Guiding Light For Indian Skincare And Beauty Brands

Bella Vita Organic: The Guiding Light For Indian Skincare And Beauty Brands

The Indian Start-up ecosystem assisted by the Indian founders has grown leaps and bounds in the past several years. And, we have all witnessed this transformative journey for nearly seven years now. What supports the above claim is the fact that we have observed companies invent and innovate on every aspect of the business, be it technology, strategizing, people management or customer understanding. Bella Vita Organic is one such established natural beauty and skincare brand whose evolution is tied to the niche concerns of its customers in the beauty and skincare segments.

Journey from a Marketing Director to a Founder and CEO

From being a Marketing Director at NeoSpeak to heading India’s largest real estate and mortgage broking network – Square Connect to being a Founder & CEO of India’s fastest-growing natural beauty and skincare brand, Mr Aakash Anand has done it all. While it takes time to get used to the role of a CEO of an evolving company from being the founder who developed the first product for the brand, there has been a clear shrinking of this timeline in his case. With multitude of enticing experiences, the journey of this hardworking and visionary entrepreneur has been one roller coaster ride. Like they say, the life of an entrepreneur is full of ups and downs.

Whether you are about to begin your journey as an entrepreneur, you are experiencing this journey in living colour, or you are a battle-scarred business leader, recognizing where you are on this path can help to mitigate some of the setbacks life throws at you.

Role of Bella Vita Organic in Natural Beauty and Skincare Revolution

Beauty and skincare are big businesses – and natural beauty and skincare are all set to be even bigger. Considering the current scenario where beauty-loving consumers have grown increasingly conscious of not only what they put on their skin, but also of skincare products’ greater environmental impact, the demand for natural cosmetic choices has made it huge! Catering to these thriving and compelling categories in the health and wellness space is Bella Vita Organic, India's fastest growing natural, organic beauty and skincare brand.

Bella Vita Organic or ‘The Good Life' has dedicatedly brought into being, handcrafted and organic beauty solutions, backed by the most beautiful, unadulterated, and holistic natural elements of the earth and ancient beauty practices. Each product and service at Bella Vita Organic is created using the most qualitative & natural ingredients, state of the art craft and legacy-driven expertise. Sourced directly from the lush green fields of Kerala & South East Asia, these products and services aim towards providing customized beauty and skincare solutions to the new age consumer.

"We recognize the fact that you’ll always be in the skin you’re in. And hence, we guide our consumers through honouring and protecting it.” – Aakash Anand, Founder & CEO, Bella Vita Organic

Focusing on Shortcomings in the Existing Beauty and Skincare Segment to Unlock The Awaiting Opportunities

When we talk about beauty, hair care, and skincare industries, there has been a progressive shift towards natural extracts and essential oils as substitutes for chemical-filled ingredients. Given that these have been a part of long drawn heritage in India, their familiarity gives a general sense of confidence in the product range.

Bella Vita Organic's products do not harm the environment or animals and yet alleviate the skin rather than stripping it or manipulating it with chemicals that harm on their own. In other words, there has been an increased need for vegan and cruelty-free products.

Bella Vita Organic Best Sellers

As a brand, Bella Vita Organic not only sells and delivers regime-oriented skincare products and services but also, additionally, offers 24 by 7 expertise navigating its customers through every step of their care journey. The team very meticulously assesses their concerns and tends to them over and above just the physical application of the products.

Though Bella Vita Organic has a list of best selling products to its name, there are a few that top that list.

NicoLips Lip Lightening Scrub Balm: True to its name, it is the perfect mild lip scrub that lightens dark lips caused by smoking or use of makeup. An all-natural unique exfoliating agent, it restores the lost the natural pink colour of your lips leaving them soft, supple, and pigmentation-free.

EyeLift Under Eye Gel Cream: A perfect natural skin care regimen for removal of common under-eye and around the eye problems like dark circles, puffy eyes, dullness, and wrinkles among other concerns. This under eye gel cream has been declared as Amazon's Best Choice.

GrowBrow Eye Brows Eye Lash Hair Growth and Volume Oil: A smart all-natural blend of organic oils, this bestselling eyebrow & lash growth oil serum by Bella Vita Organic conditions and replenishes brows and lashes.

NailStrong Oil for Nail Growth & Cuticle Care: This all-natural nail growth oil serum promotes the strengthening of nails and cuticle care. Indeed a natural moisturizing agent that nourishes the nail and cuticle area!

Real Coffe Beans Hair Oil: This all-rounder ayurvedic hair treatment for all hair problems helps repair and condition hair while preventing dryness and premature greying. Well, it also accelerates hair growth.

Waking Up to Great Customer Experiences

The customers of Bella Vita Organic have consciously made it a point to not only enquire about the products it manufactures but to also recommend the products based on their niche concerns. In words of Mr Aakash Anand, the use of this premium brand’s sensitised products has resulted in better effects on their skin and hair.

The Way Forward

The beauty, skincare and haircare brands out in the market need to move fast into the naturalizing of products phase whereby they need to use vegan, eco-friendly, organic, cruelty and chemical-free ingredients. What will not change though is the traditional collaboration between new-age customized product ideologies the ancient beauty practices. This extraordinary amalgamation to encourage the facilitation of natural niche beauty and skincare solutions to create a meaningful experience for the customers shall always be welcomed!

Aakash Anand, Founder & CEO, Bella Vita Organic

Aakash Anand is the Founder & CEO of Bella Vita Organic, India's best natural beauty and skincare brand. Before starting Bella Vita Organic, Aakash was the Head of Business and Expansion with Qdesq, focusing on making it India's largest aggregator of flexible workspaces. He even conceptualized and successfully executed Square Yard's mobile-based real estate and mortgage marketplace - Square Connect. Aakash has also helped many B2B and B2C start-ups scale in their journey by mentoring them, facilitating access to funds and customers. He religiously supports and invests in entrepreneurs with an ambitious vision to make a significant impact on society.