Angular JS - The robust Java Script Platform with New Features and Updates

Angular JS - The robust Java Script Platform with New Features and Updates

AngularJs is a popular JavaScript-based open source web application framework that supports the development of rich HTML web applications. As a superior framework by Google which was launched in 2009, Angular JS has been created to make the front-end development procedure easier to manage. In the last few years, the growth of AngularJS has been unprecedented. The result is unlimited career opportunities available in the field for aspiring candidates. If you are also someone looking to make a career in this field, then it’s about time to get yourself equipped with Angular JS basics.The rising popularity of Angular JS has, in fact, made it an essential skill for web developers and project managers.

Who Can Benefit From Learning AngularJS?

Learning AngularJS is most suitable for professionals in web development, testing, and project management. AngularJS has become one of the most sought JavaScript frameworks among the lot (React Js, Ember Js and more) because of its excellent and unique set of features. Some of these include:

  • Two-way binding.
  • Updated Http Client.
  • Angular universal state transfer API and DOM Support.
  • Better code sharing capabilities.
  • Handling dependency injections.
  • Enhanced standardization across browsers.
  • Inclusion of CLI 1.5 that will create Angular 5 projects by default.
  • The focused approach to building progressive web apps and material design capabilities.
  • Effective and faster rebuilds using a build optimizer that removes unnecessary code from applications.

For professionals who wish to make a stable career in SPA (Single Page Application),they can benefit most from the benefits of Angular JS.

How Can the Knowledge of AngularJS Enhance Your Career?

Below are some of the reasons why AngularJs knowledge is essential in advancing your career in the right direction:

1. Heavy Requirement of Skilled Angular JS Developers

The rising popularity of AngularJs in the web development space has created a large number of jobs for talented professionals with any expertise in the field. There is no dearth of opportunities for professional web developers with AngularJs and Hadoop skills in their CV. A large number of enterprises are looking for such developers and project managers to be part of their growing talent base.

2. High Performance

With a host of features and simple usage, AngularJS is undoubtedly the preferred choice across the development space. Acquiring AngularJs skills can help in improving the performance due to the smart yet dedicated features like Filters, API Client,Validations, Animations, Routing, and Content Sanitization. It not only saves a lot of time and efforts but also allows developers to do minor enhancements with ease.

3. Swift, Easy, and Straightforward

Angular Js is an extremely easy, fast and straightforward to work with, JavaScript MVC Framework. All you need to use it is adding some of the features to the HTML language that equips you to build the desired application within no time. Angular JSC also assists developers to easily collect all the data to showcase on the screen.

4. An All-Inclusive Solution

One of the best facets of Angular JS that can help you advance in your career is its inclusivity that provides a comprehensive solution for robust front-end development. As a web developer with Angular Js skills, you do not have to worry about the other modules and can comfortably develop useful web applications using JavaScript framework.

5. Excellent Future Prospects for AngularJS Professionals

With rapid changes and new versions (Angular 2, Angular 4, Angular js5) coming up regularly in the AngularJS module since its inception, the sector is creating a lot of buzz offering excellent future prospects for the professionals. It not only guarantees fast and improved performance but also focuses on the progress of mobile apps.

With no obvious disadvantages of this front-end web application framework, the Angular JS course is definitely worth considering as it can both add immense value to your functional CV and pays good remuneration as well.

The Future

There is no doubt about the fact that Angular JS is a great investment for aspiring web developers. Enrolling for Angular Js training and acquiring the skills offered by the program can prove to be an excellent decision in the long term. It allows you to provide customized applications and gives you the ability to contribute to business progress.

Irrespective of the fact that you're just starting out your career in IT or looking to enhance your skills sets to make a big leap in the existing one, web development training is full of great opportunities. Learning the latest tools and techniques of AngularJs can equip you to make a smooth transition to a prosperous AngularJS career.

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