An era of Innovationville, National Technology Day 2023

An era of Innovationville, National Technology Day 2023

National Technology Day is an annual event celebrated in India on May 11th to commemorate the country's successful nuclear tests conducted in 1998. The day serves as a reminder of India's technological progress and ability to develop and innovate in science and technology. The day has a different theme every year.  For 2023, the theme is 'School to Startups-Igniting Young Minds to Innovate.' India is one of the fastest-growing nations globally, and much of the credit goes to technological advancement. It is also an occasion to recognize the importance of technology in the country's development and growth. The day serves as a reminder of India's commitment to advancing technology and innovation and improving its citizens' lives through scientific progress.

Moreover, technology has transformed many industries and led to the creation of new ones. For example, the rise of e-commerce has made shopping more convenient, and the development of renewable energy sources is helping us address climate change. Advances in healthcare technology have also led to better diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the program marking National Technology Day 2023, at Pragati Maidan, on May 11, 2023, at 10:30 AM. The program will also mark the commencement of the celebration of the 25th year of National Technology Day, which will be held from May 11 to 14, 2023. National Technology Day reminds the world about India's growing power in science and technology, particularly in developing nuclear technology. The day also honors scientists and engineers contributing to the nation's development. National Technology Day is commemorated yearly as a reminder of India's rich scientific past and the need to promote an innovation and technical advancement culture. It is a day to honor the accomplishments of Indian scientists and inventors, encourage the next generation of creative thinkers, and pave the path for a technologically advanced and wealthy future.

Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder, EaseMyTrip, said, "National Technology Day is a momentous occasion that commemorates India's technological achievements and celebrates the progress made over the years. In India, technology plays a pivotal role in propelling every industry forward, and as a member of the travel industry, we have been privileged to be a part of this transformative journey.

The travel industry has undergone significant advancements in recent years, with the introduction of cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI, ML, Virtual Assistance and more. The Government's DiGiYatra initiative serves as another testament to the industry's growth and evolution. With the integration of sophisticated tools like customer sentiment analysis, big data analytics, personalized services, virtual check-ins, and more, the industry is poised for rapid expansion and has boundless potential. As a brand, we have embraced these technologies and incorporated them into our platform to foster innovation, enhance customer satisfaction, and encourage loyalty and ease of use."

Sumit Sabharwal, CEO of TeamLease HRtech said, "Technology has transformed every aspect of our lives, from the way we work and communicate, to the way we conduct businesses. It has revolutionized all the existing industries, and even created new ones. It has helped people collaborate when physical proximity was not possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. On National Technology Day, we celebrate the enormous possibilities that technology has brought us.

As we mark this day, we should also recognize the profound responsibility that comes with the power of technology. We should be committed to continuous innovation while ensuring the well being of society and environment. Accessibility to technology should be our primary goal so that every part of the world develops impartially, without any digital divide.

In this rapidly changing world, we must embrace the opportunities that technology presents. Let us use technology to build a more sustainable, equitable, and productive future, where innovation is harnessed for the greater good. On this National Technology Day, let us commit ourselves to shaping a better world through the power of technology."

Aveekshith Bushan, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, Aerospike said, "World Technology Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of the technology industry and the impact that technology has had on our lives. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the challenges ahead and consider how we can harness the power of technology to address the biggest challenges facing our society.

We continue to see our customers use Aerospike to transform our lives for the better. Our focus is to leverage our real-time, highly scalable and performant, always-on database to push the boundaries of what is possible. In today's world, where hyper-local delivery, real-time payments and instant gratification have become the norm, the ability to process data quickly has become ever more critical. Real-time data touches us every moment of every day. Whether it's fraud detection and protection, mobile payments, telecommunications, or smart manufacturing, we must recognize the importance of making decisions in real-time.

Real-time data continues to grow by 30% per year, with overall data projected to grow to over 180 zettabytes by 2025. With this in mind, it’s critical these decisions be made by technologies that provide consistent performance at an unlimited scale and affordable cost. This meets the technical demand of processing at a massive scale while ensuring consumer demands are satisfied.

With the right tools and technologies, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions in the moments that matter. Ultimately, we believe that technology can continue to be a positive force world and that by working together to innovate, we can create a brighter, more connected future for all."

Santhosh Reddy, CTO and Co-Founder, ShakeDeal, said "India has made great strides in technology over the decades, and on National Technology Day, this achievement is celebrated. Along with many sectors, the supply chain industry has shown tremendous growth in technology.

Currently, AI is transforming the industry by providing advanced analytics, prediction, and automation capabilities. AI can analyze vast amounts of data, understand relationships, and provide visibility. This technology is helping businesses gain deeper insights into customer demand, identify patterns and trends, and predict future demand with greater accuracy.

Furthermore, technologies such as ML, robotics, and big-data analytics are enhancing performance, driving growth, and supporting better decision-making. We as a brand are committed to exploring the full potential of these technologies and are looking forward to further developments in the near future."

Ajeya Motaganahalli, Vice President, Engineering, FlashBlade and MD, India R&D, Pure Storage said, “On National Technology Day, we celebrate the spirit of innovation and scientific progress that has been driving India's technology ecosystem for the past 25 years. We've seen amazing progress over that time and can take immense pride in the contributions that our scientists and engineers have made to not just India but to humanity. Now we have to turn our attention to the biggest challenge facing mankind - climate change. Science and technology will play a key role and I am convinced that India can also make a significant contribution and help build a brighter, more sustainable world for future generations.”

Kunal Purohit, Chief Digital Services Officer, Tech Mahindra said, “National Technology Day is a significant occasion to celebrate the incredible advancements in technology that have transformed the world as we know it. Today, technology is omnipresent and a key facilitator in creating needle-moving outcomes across all industries and governments. The convergence of technologies such as Generative AI, automation, Metaverse, Blockchain, 5G and quantum computing is unlocking new possibilities for businesses and creating a more connected world. It is also enabling significant reduction in the cost of doing business, enhancing revenues through increased differentiation, and ensuring higher customer delight. Tech Mahindra is focused on leveraging next-generation technologies to enable end-to-end digital transformation for global customers and solving complex business challenges.”

Anku Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India said, “In today’s dynamic era of evolution, technology is driving human progress, and the force behind technological growth comes with innovative ideas. We envision a smarter future in which digital technologies have the potential to revolutionize how everyone does business in an increasingly connected world. New-age disruptive technologies such as AI, IoT, ML, and cloud computing are the key factors in unlocking the true potential of the IT sector in the next decade of India's growth in technology and will drive new possibilities in digital transformation. Organizations must focus on upskilling and reskilling the employees to develop competencies and unfold tremendous growth opportunities across sectors. At MediaTek, we believe in investing in local Indian talent and scaling capabilities to drive innovation for India and global markets through dedicated technical training sessions, e-learning platforms, and regular opportunities for upskilling.”
Rajiv Bhalla, Managing Director India & Vice President Large Video Wall Experience (APAC) at Barco said, “In this progressive era of evolution, there’s a significant increase in the demand for technology adoption, disrupting & impacting our lives like we never comprehended. New-age innovations has escalated the significant surge in the use of technologies and digital demands and has played an essential role in our lives more than ever. As a result, the government is also prioritizing digitalization and the adoption of new-age technologies, thus enabling India to emerge as a digital-first nation.
Organizations are focusing on revamping their business digitally & taking initiatives to enable digital transformation. This includes an increased focus on skilling to build digital talent, enhanced investment in technological innovations and R&Ds, hiring young talent, and improving infrastructural facilities with a strong vision to create a digitally enabled India. In all this, Barco foresees acceleration in digitization, adoption of new-age technologies like IoT, cloud-led data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, AI innovation, and seamless connectivity & networking. Going forward, Barco expects automation of processes, focus on tech-based upskilling & reskilling as the major upcoming trends in technology.”
Manish Gupta, Vice President, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies India, said, “As India gears up for an advanced, tech-savvy future, National Technology Day serves as a reminder of the impact that technology has on industries at large. At Dell, we believe in integrating AI, ML to unlock new possibilities and transforming the way businesses approach IT challenges. Additionally, by harnessing the powers of edge and multi-cloud, businesses can better manage their data, in turn improving customer experiences and enhancing innovation driven productivity. With data centers also rapidly overcoming security and other business challenges, there has been a consistent effort to minimize carbon emissions with cutting-edge technology solutions like Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) and Liquid Immersion Cooling (LIC). This not only helps businesses in achieving their sustainability goals, but also enhances the efficiency of data centers. At Dell Technologies, we are committed to using technology to create a better and a more sustainable future and have been working towards helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint."
Madhusudanan R, Co-Founder, M2P Fintech said, “At M2P Fintech, technology is at the core of everything we do.  Our mission is to leverage technology to deliver digital financial services in a seamless manner. With advancements in AI, the significance of technology cannot be underestimated, and we will need to evolve to harness its potential with its ability to transform the world. We remain committed to investing in and leveraging technology to make financial services more accessible, user-friendly, and secure. We're proud to be at the forefront of tech evolution which will help build a better tomorrow.” 
Mike Muralidharan, Chief Operating Officer, BahwanCyberTek said, "Tailwind opportunities like democratized AI, favourable policies, and a future-ready knowledge capital will support India’s transformation into a powerhouse for innovation. There is incredible interest in emerging technologies like 5G, Metaverse, Blockchain, and Edge Computing and we are watching businesses of all sizes leverage these technologies to create new revenue streams and business models. Indian enterprises are going beyond transactional efficiencies and offering consulting and value-added services. The growth of deep-tech enterprises, programs like Digital India and projects like India Stack, and our successful track record of IT and BPO service exports, will make India the preferred choice for global technology players.”
Madhavi Rao, Marketing Group Director – EMEAI, Cadence Design Systems said, "India has a strong expertise in semiconductor design that has been built over the last three decades. Talent is of essence in a knowledge-intensive sector like electronic design. India and its engineers are renowned for their design expertise and know-how, and this continues to be the primary reason for the continued investment in the country. 
Ecosystem collaboration is essential because many of today’s design challenges are interdependent. To deal with this interdependency, companies must address specific technical issues and collaborate closely with ecosystem partners to develop practical and reliable solutions in a reasonable timeframe. Close collaboration among designers, EDA vendors, IP providers, foundries, and other ecosystem players will help mitigate some of the design challenges posed by complex electronic devices. To build this ecosystem, India needs to focus on building a skilled workforce, promoting research and development, fostering entrepreneurship, improving infrastructure, and encouraging collaboration. 
Over the 30-plus years that Cadence Design Systems has been present in India, we have been integral in building and nurturing the VLSI ecosystem. Cadence is a founding member of both the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) and the VSI Society of India, both key industry bodies. Cadence has contributed to manpower development in the country through the government of India’s Special Manpower Development Program in VLSI Design (SMDP) since its inception, as well as through a number of other programs. Cadence has also partnered with accelerators and incubators to support entrepreneurship and building of the value chain. On National Technology Day, let us pledge to continue the journey of building a strong and vibrant ecosystem to power India's technological growth, and become a significant player in the global value chain."
Vikash Kumar, Director - Head of Program and Business Analysis, Acuity Knowledge Partners said, “Technology has been playing an important role in every aspect of our lives since past few decades. It has transformed the way organizations deliver their product and services. Technology has been evolving at a rapid pace across the globe and this has a potential to have a substantial impact on our future. It is important that organisations now need to have a cohesive plan and take an integrated approach in their adoption of technology for a sustainable future. While adopting technology, organisations need to consider the current benefits while ensuring the sustainable positive impact on the economy, environment, and society for a better future. Focus should be on adoption of Green Technology by reducing the amount of energy consumed, reduce the waste and the material that is used to minimize the environmental impact.
Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML), if used responsibly by organizations in an integrated manner has a tremendous potential to have a positive impact on humanity for a sustainable future. Acuity’s focus has always been on responsible usage of technology to reduce the carbon footprints for a sustainable future. We have been adopting various innovative practices when it comes to responsible usage of technology.”
Sushant Mathur, Director – Product Management, Sabre said, "Sabre is driving innovation by leveraging latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and real-time data analytics to build cutting-edge solutions for the entire travel ecosystem.  Also, by utilizing a cloud-based technology environment, we are unlocking greater efficiencies and new capabilities to provide data-driven business intelligence, distribution and software-as-a-service solutions. One of the finest examples of how we use technology for enhancing our customers and consumers day to day life is the use of collaboration platforms like BlitzCode, Big Pitch that is the core of our innovations. We use technology to imagine, develop and deploy future capabilities that will advance the travel ecosystem."
Souma Das – Managing Director – Alteryx India Sub-continent said, "According to the World Bank, internet penetration in India doubled from 20% in 2018 to 41% in 2019 and is expected to add over 900 million users by 2025. This surge has fuelled growth for data analytics throughout the country as it holds the potential to transform the way organizations operate by making more accurate and efficient data-driven decisions. This, in turn, can optimize operations and drive more efficient resource allocations.
A key example is how data analytics is transforming the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals are empowered with massive data sets and timely data analysis that help drive more accurate and faster patient diagnosis and treatment. Data science and analytics are also changing how businesses function in other key industries such as manufacturing, retail, and transportation.
While data analytics are poised to revolutionize the Indian economy, there are some challenges to overcome before we realize its full potential. One such challenge is the lack of skilled data scientists to leverage and act on data, hindering many organizations’ ability to make data-driven decisions. 
At Alteryx, we are democratizing data science and analytics by delivering easy end-to-end automation of data engineering, analytics, reporting, machine learning, and data science processes. More recently, we boosted decision intelligence with new cloud analytics capabilities on our Alteryx Analytic Cloud Platform, empowering everyone to participate in the decision intelligence process regardless of job role, skill level, or department. This has created new opportunities for organizations of all sizes to leverage the power of data and achieve a competitive advantage." 
Arvind Vaishnav, Vice President, Head of Philips Innovation Campus (PIC) Bengaluru, said, "Innovation happens at the intersection of people, processes, and technology. Healthcare is no exception, as we observe key developments in the sector with technology at its core. This National Technology Day, I envision that the network of virtual and in-person care will become highly integrated and accessible with real-time and predictive healthcare information supporting care coordination throughout the patient experience. Also, AI-powered workflow optimisation will help increase operational effectiveness, freeing up healthcare professionals to concentrate on what they do best: patient care. The digital architecture of hospitals will in fact undergo major transformation with application of wireless technologies and interoperability, shifting the point-of-care from hospital to home.
To sum up, technology is not just transforming healthcare in India, it is revolutionizing it. Technology is set to revamp healthcare by enhancing experiences of patients and care providers, improve health outcomes, and cut costs of care for a more sustainable growth. It is the foundation for the merger of healthcare, innovation, and business administration, connecting all elements of the care continum."
OmPrakash Muppirala, Head of Fountain India on National Technology Day said, "How technology is changing the landscape of HR space: Human Resources has traditionally been associated with an emphasis on personal interactions and human-centered approaches. While this remains the foundation of this function, it is also evident that technology is significantly altering various aspects of human resource management. From streamlining the application process to enhancing employee engagement, technology is revolutionizing every point throughout the employee journey. Conversational AI tools help eliminate repetitive and mundane recruiter tasks. Chatbots, for example, enable applicants to apply, ask questions, and even schedule interviews at their convenience. Within the HR space, technological advancements are reshaping the workload of HR professionals, expediting decision-making processes, and ultimately redefining the employee experience."
Ravi Chhabria, Managing Director, NetApp India said, "NetApp recognises the immense potential of technology to drive progress, and the responsibility that comes with it to be environmentally conscious. Cloud serves as a vital resource for companies looking to become net zero and helps organisations achieve their sustainability goals. By adopting cloud-first strategies, investing in renewable energy technologies, and embracing regenerative designs, companies can pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future. Through our various offerings, we are steadfastly committed to continue developing energy-efficient technologies and solutions that allow our customers to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. We have set an ambitious but achievable target of a 50% intensity reduction of Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2030.”
Kunal Nagarkatti, CEO, Clover Infotech said, "The world has realized the importance of moving to renewable sources of energy. Across all aspects of life from travel to power consumption to industrial usage and smart cities, there is a very strong thrust on adopting ‘green’ technologies. Our government has introduced many favourable policies to ensure that green technologies are embraced by all. At Clover Infotech, we have been using our resources judiciously and have been designing processes to optimize the consumption of electricity, water, paper, etc. We have moved our own financial systems to the cloud in our endeavour to reduce the per-user carbon footprint. We have been accredited with the relevant ISO certifications for our ESG practices. As a responsible corporate, we have been publishing our ESG report to our customers as well. I believe every organization and individual must leverage the power of new-age digital technologies to accelerate India’s mission of attaining carbon neutrality and creating a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for all.”
Vaibhav Tare, VP & Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) & Global Head - Cloud & Infrastructure Services (CIS) · Fulcrum Digital Inc, said, "In today’s business environment, sustainability has become an important boardroom conversation. To meet sustainability goals, enterprises can prioritize this by leveraging various facets of technology. IoT, big data analytics, and AI can enable businesses to collect and analyse data on environmental factors such as air quality, water usage, and energy consumption, to optimize resource usage.  Further, organizations can lower their carbon emissions by moving their data to the cloud. This strategy can help balance business and sustainability objectives while taking a comprehensive approach to address environmental impact while meeting business needs. On National Technology Day, we at Fulcrum Digital, reaffirm our commitment towards driving innovative technology-powered solutions for a greener environment.”
Srivatsan Santhanam, Vice President, Spend Engineering, SAP Labs India, said, "The business landscape is rapidly evolving, and the need of the customers are changing at an unprecedented pace.  To deal with this, technological innovations are required that evaluate the challenges and provide maximum value to the customers. SAP Concur provides its customers, and partner ecosystem with a comprehensive, configurable, and integrated travel, expense & invoice management solution that meets their evolving business needs, payment solution needs and helps them optimize their spending in a compliant way.
SAP Concur’s vision is to “Create a world where travel, expenses & spend practically manage themselves..” by building an intelligent, predictive travel, expense, and invoice management ecosystem that instinctively and minimally interacts with employees so YOU can focus on what really matters…. By innovating faster on the cloud on cutting edge cloud-native code line & hyperscaler infrastructure, native integration with SAP S/4HANA & rich public APIs, infusing AI/ML in core business processes, mobile-first approach and with compliance & security as “non-negotiables” mindset."
Girish Hirde, Global Practice Head, InfoVision, said, "The year 2023 is a crucial time for technological advancements, as various breakthroughs are occurring in fields such as IoT, AI, ML, big data analytics, blockchain, and robotics. Due to the rapid pace of technological development, companies need to be nimble and adaptable. Those who fail to keep up risk falling behind while their competitors seize opportunities offered by emerging technologies.
Cutting-edge technologies such as AI/ML, blockchain, data analytics and engineering, IoT and metaverse are transforming industries and societies at an unprecedented scale. These technologies are breaking barriers and revolutionizing business practices, driving innovation, and accelerating digital growth. At InfoVision, we believe technology is a powerful tool that unlocks new opportunities for growth and innovation. Thus, we have developed industry-specific innovative solutions in these technology domains, committed to helping our clients accomplish their vision and maintain competitive edge in their respective industries.
National Technology Day serves as a reminder of technology's potential to transform our world for the better. As part of this industry, InfoVision is proud to drive innovation and redefine the world by perpetually innovating and assimilating emerging technologies. Our aim is to create a more accessible, equitable, and sustainable world."
Harshit Mittal, Co-founder & CTO of SupplyNote-  SaaS based Food Startup, said, "National Technology Day is a reminder of technology's immense potential in shaping a sustainable future. At SupplyNote, we are working to reduce food waste in the F&B industry by empowering restaurants with innovative solutions. We aim to create a more sustainable and efficient food supply chain, starting with India and expanding to other geographies. We appreciate the contributions of fellow startups and government initiatives towards fostering a culture of innovation and finding solutions for a better future." 
Ankit Ruia, Co-founder & CTO of SuperBot- SaaS based AI powered Voice Agent Startup, said, "On the occasion of National Technology Day, we at PinnacleWorks are thrilled to celebrate the transformative impact that technology has had on the way we communicate with one another. As the creators of SuperBot, an intelligent, AI-powered voice agent, we recognize the critical role that technology plays in enhancing human experience and driving progress. As we observe National Technology Day, we are proud of our achievements, but we also understand that the journey towards technological excellence is an ongoing one. At PinnacleWorks, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and to always evolve with our customers’ communicating needs, providing them with the most innovative and transformative solutions."
Mukesh Gandhi, Founder and CEO, Creative Synergies Group, said, “India is poised for a digital revolution, but to excel in digital innovation, we need to promote a research-oriented approach to technology. Initiatives focused on establishing centers of excellence to train the youth in emerging tech and incentives for start-ups and new businesses can only work if the knowledge-base aggressively enables the economy to become self-reliant. A research-oriented approach can clearly unleash the untapped potential of EVs and robotics in emerging markets like India. 
At Creative Synergies Group, our proven track record in digital engineering innovations with 40+ Fortune 500 companies worldwide enables us to empower large and mid-size businesses in India. On this National Technology Day and beyond, we are committed to supporting brands to define and realize their vision for the digital future. We are very bullish about India’s economic growth projections and look forward to playing a meaningful role in driving innovation.”
Nitish Rai, Co-Founder, and CEO, FreightFox, said, "Manufacturing logistics is a complex and multi-echelon ecosystem that poses a range of obstacles for companies in freight movement. From fragmented information systems to unpredictable shipping costs, these challenges can make it difficult to operate efficiently and effectively. However, over the years, India has developed an innovation-driven community who are using cutting-edge technology to solve complex challenges in the manufacturing logistics industry. At FreightFox, we are proud to be part of this community that employs state-of-the-art technology to address intricate obstacles in the manufacturing logistics sector.
On this National Technology Day, we are committed to improving the freight ecosystem by providing credible freight market intelligence and granular visibility into routes and expenditures. With our integration and data-driven solution development on top of ULIP (Unified Logistics Interface Platform) developed by NLDSL, FreightFox along with the manufacturing organisations are taking decisive control of their logistics value chains.  This enables more informed decisions and a streamlined supply chain. We want to leverage technology in a truly meaningful way to create business value for the manufacturing logistics fraternity and we are dedicated to collaborating with our partners and clients to bring this vision into reality."
Krishna Rangasayee, Founder and CEO,, said, "Over the years with an abundance of talent and innovation, India has witnessed tremendous growth in the advanced technology sector. However, to date, the industry is burdened with numerous challenges pertaining to high power consumption, complex cooling mechanisms, and latency, which is of utmost importance in applications like automotive, drones, and robotics as they require immediate decision-making capabilities. At, we understand these challenges and have worked tirelessly to develop a solution that overcomes them. Our AI-based chip startup has developed the industry's first software-centric purpose-built MLSoC™ platform, which is a game-changer in the field of artificial intelligence.
With our purpose-designed architecture in hardware and software, has now opened the door to the use of AI in edge devices. We bring down a significant hurdle that used to require hiring a massive army of AI specialists before any company could get started. Our software eliminates this requirement, making "Effortless Machine Learning" possible for all. This  MLSoC Platform can be deployed in “any” smart/computer vision application regardless of the image sensor type, resolution, AI model, network or framework, with a “10x” better performance than most other providers and a seamless “push button” software integration for an effortless ML experience in the embedded edge market. By optimizing power and performance, we can enable true disruptor technology for real-life applications, including smart vision, robotics & Industry 4.0, ADAS, healthcare, drones, and smart agriculture to name a few, where quick decision-making is critical.
On this National Technology Day, we are proud to be part of the vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.  As we look into the future, we are thrilled about the possibilities of AI and Machine Learning to revolutionize the industry and enhance the quality of our daily lives. By making AI more accessible, we believe that we can help catalyze the growth of the technology sector in India and beyond."
Karan Rai, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ennoventure Inc, said,  "In an ever-evolving landscape, the technology industry continues to redefine how we live, work, and interact. From artificial intelligence to biotechnology, breakthroughs across diverse sectors are reshaping industries across and propelling humanity forward. Today, on National Technology Day, Ennoventure proudly celebrates the transformative power of innovation and the limitless possibilities it holds for a brighter future. This day serves as a reminder of the indomitable spirit that drives us to push boundaries and harness the potential of technology to shape the world we live in.
At Ennoventure, we recognize the profound impact of technological advancements on various sectors. Drawing upon our industry insights across sectors such as FMCG, automotive spare parts, and agrochemicals, Ennoventure is empowered to develop cutting-edge solutions that address complex challenges in the counterfeiting industry and further drive growth. Our comprehensive suite of anti-counterfeit solutions revolutionize the way we combat counterfeiting, offering solutions that instill trust, protect consumers, and promote a thriving ecosystem. We aim at paving the way for a future where authenticity and integrity are the cornerstones of every transaction, fostering a marketplace that benefits all stakeholders.
We are committed to fostering innovation, driving digital transformation, and nurturing talent for the next generation. Together, we can harness the power of technology to create a prosperous and sustainable future for all.’’
Kailash Katkar, Managing Director and CEO of Quick Heal Technologies said,  "On account of National Technology Day, we must acknowledge the transformative power of technology. At Quick Heal, we are committed to harnessing this power to create a safer digital world through innovative solutions built on the most advanced technology stack with AI at their core. Our goal is to empower individuals, organizations and nations to thrive in an interconnected world by providing them with the solutions they need to stay cybersafe."
Raj Sivaraju, President, APAC, Arete said, "India has emerged as a global technology hub, and on this National Technology Day, we celebrate the nation's incredible contributions to the field. However, with this progress comes the responsibility to ensure the security and privacy of our citizens' digital identities. As we embrace the benefits of technology, we must also acknowledge its risks. Cybersecurity threats loom large, and the consequences of a successful threat can be devastating. This day reminds us that we must remain vigilant and take proactive steps to protect our digital infrastructure. As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of technology, let us prioritize cybersecurity as an essential component of progress, ensuring a safe and secure digital future for all.”
Zaiba Sarang, Co-founder, iThink Logistics said, "National Technology Day is an occasion to celebrate the revolutionary power of technology, which has constantly been changing the world as we know it. At iThink Logistics, we are committed to being at the forefront of this transformation, leveraging the latest technological advancements to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth for our clients. We are redefining logistics through our platform, which serves as a one-stop solution for integrating multiple courier platforms over a single dashboard, making logistics smarter, efficient, transparent, and cost-effective for our clients. Looking ahead, the future of logistics lies in the seamless integration of technology into all aspects of the supply chain. With the rise of e-commerce and increasing consumer expectations for faster, more reliable deliveries, we believe that logistics providers must adapt quickly to keep up with the pace of innovation and drive holistic growth."
Parag Khurana, Country Manager, Barracuda Networks India said, “On this National Technology Day, we recognize the immense value that technology brings to businesses and individuals alike. From cloud computing to artificial intelligence, we are witnessing a technological revolution that is changing the way we live and work. However, as with any innovation, there are also risks and challenges to be addressed, particularly when it comes to cybersecurity".
"Cybersecurity is a complex and ever-evolving field, and we need to constantly stay up-to-date with the latest security trends and best practices". He added, "let us continue to embrace technology while prioritizing security and privacy. We encourage businesses and individuals to be proactive about their cybersecurity posture and to partner with trusted experts who can help them navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. By working together, we can harness the full potential of technology to create a safer, more secure world."
Nishant Behl, Founder, Expand My Business (ExMyB) said, “As we witness the growing tech prowess of India, it is clear that our country has the potential to become a global tech hub and innovation powerhouse. The role of technology in building 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' cannot be overstated, as it is critical to unlocking the full potential of our nation's entrepreneurial spirit. India's growing focus on creating digital public goods reflects our commitment to using technology to improve the lives of all citizens. We must continue harnessing technology's power to drive positive change and build a better future for all.”
As we look to the future, it is evident that technology will continue to touch every aspect of our lives. It is an enabler of business and a catalyst for progress, driving innovation and transforming industries across the globe. However, with great power comes great responsibility. We must build responsible technology that reflects our values and upholds ethical principles. At Expand My Business, we remain committed to advancing technology responsibly and sustainably, to create a brighter future for all.”