Amartya Sen's Withdrawal Sad Day For Nalanda: Sugato Bose

KOLKATA: Coming out in support of Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, who has decided to withdraw his candidature as Nalanda University chancellor, academician and Trinamool MP Sugata Bose said it was a "sad day" for the prestigious multi-country initiative and termed the central government's role as not being conducive to the autonomy of the institution.

Sen has alleged that the government does not want him to continue to head the university. The government, however, has denied the accusation.

"This is a sad day for Nalanda (University)a since Amartya Sen was leading it we were getting international funds and support," said Bose, a Harvard professor.

"It is a dream project involving many Asian countries to build a great seat of learning near the historic site of the ancient Nalanda university," he said.

With Sen withdrawing his candidature, Basu raised concern over the future of the project and advised the government to minimise its interference.

"The role of the (central) government is not conducive to the autonomy of the university," he said.

Sen in his letter to the Nalanda governing board, said he was withdrawing his candidature citing delay in the government approval for his continuation.

Bose, a Lok Sabha member, blamed government interference as a major reason for the country failing to produce institutes and universities which rank among the best in the world.

"We don't have a single higher education institute or university which ranks in the best 200 in the world. One major reason is too much interference from the government," he said.

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Source: IANS