All you need to know before Vaping


E-Cigarette (Electronic Cigarette) is an alternate of Tobacco Cigarette. Usually it is being used by persons who want to quit smoking or those who want to avoid the harmful effects of tobacco smoking. Inhalation of these E-cigarettes is called “Vaping’’ and the person who inhales is called ‘’Vaper’’.

E-Cigarette contains e-liquid or vape juice which is a combination of water, food/fruit flavor, varying quantity of nicotine and propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. Vapers actually inhale and exhale the water vapor which is produced from boiling up vape juice. The device basically works through a coil boiling up the juice. There is a wide variety of vape juice available in market of different flavors and nicotine levels.

Although a huge variety of e-cigarettes are available in market but there are some common functions in e-cigarettes. These devices need lithium battery to heat up the wire coil. E-liquid is then drawn to the coil through a wick. Vaporis produced by heating up e-liquid which is then inhaled in a similar way as tobacco cigarette.


E-cigarettes or vaping technology started long ago. History of e-cigarettes is vast and the first successful commercial e-cigarette was created in 2003 by a Chinese namely Hon Lik.He is a pharmacist by profession and he created this after his father dies of lung cancer caused by heavy smoking. He has named the device “Ruyan” which means “like smoke’’.


• Cartridge/Tank – This section holds the e-liquid which contain the flavor and an amount of nicotine. E-liquid produces vapor when heated up which is inhaled by the Vaper.

• Batteries – Batteries have same function as in any other battery powered device. Different variety of lithium batteries is available in market. These batteries heat up the coil part which then vaporizes the e-juice for inhalation

• Atomizer heads – This component is consists of a piece of cotton and a coil which is actually the heating element. It is placed within the tank to heat up e-juice. These Atomizer heads have relatively short life and after two or three weeks you need to replace them. You’ll know the time to change Atomizer when you feel less flavor during inhalation. 

Types of E-Cigarettes

• Cig-a-Like:

As you can guess by its name, Cig-a-Like looks like a traditional tobacco cigarette. It’s cigarette like shape makes it easy to carry and easy to use. These E-cigarettes are mostly disposable. Cig-a-Like consists of tank, atomizer and battery and they are good for beginner level vaping.

• Vape Pen:

Vape pens are bigger and heavier than Cig-a-like. Besides main components it consists of clearomizer and a mouthpiece. It’s cost effective because it’s reusable. It has a better performance, variety of flavors, better taste and style. It is good for intermediate vapers.

• Box Mods and APVS:

Box Mods and APVs are mostly used by advance vapers. They have bigger coil and batteries and they can produce large quantity of vapor for a longer time. They consist of battery, atomizer, mouthpiece, clearomizer. Only advance level vapers should try these because of more quantity ofcustomizablecomponents.

 How to Use Vape

After getting basic knowledge you can enjoy your vape. All you need to do is to inhale pressing fire button. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, you don’t have to inhale hard. You can pick your vape depending up on your experience, taste and convenience.

• Safety

Although e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes, still you should follow precautions. Make sure to remove the battery when it gets fully charged. Keep the batteries separate from each other. Do not expose your vape gear to sunlight or extreme heat. Keep the e-juice in a cool dark place. While traveling you must be aware of vaping rules and regulations in different states or countries.

Terms You Need to Know

• Vaping – The use of e-cigarettes is called vaping.

• Atomizer – Specific part containing battery and heating element to produce vapor.

• Cartomizer – Together cartridge and atomizer are called cartomizer.

• Tank – The bottle or container which contains e-juice.

• Dripping – For an intense flavor, e-juice is dripped directly on coil. This method is called Dripping.

 Mods – Unlike Cig-a-like other modified e-cigarettes are called mods.


• Quit Smoking

Vaping is considered to be one of the best alternatives of smoking. Instead of going cold turkey, many people found it much better to switch to vaping. By doing so you can ease your craving without any harm to your health.

• Cost Effective

For the very first time,you will find it expensive to buy your vaping gear. After that all you have to buy is e-juice, batteries or coil but not on daily basis like tobacco cigarettes. So it saves your daily expense on smoking and it is cost effective in the longer run.

• Less Harmful

Vaping is far less harmful then smoking. You can intake a controlled amount of nicotine in your body with a tasteful experience satisfying your need.

• Tasteful Fun

Unlike a bitter smoke of tobacco cigarette, you can enjoy different types of flavored vape. It can be turned in to a fun hobby. Many people believe that vaping looks cooler than traditional cigarettes.

• Vape Inside Your Home and Car and Smell Great Doing It

Due to nontoxic smoke and nice fragrances, you can enjoy your vaping in public places, home or car. Many people get uncomfortable when you smoke cigarette in front of them but e-cigarettes can be vaped with a comfort.


Hopefully now you know what vaping is, how it works, which e-cigarette to choose and how to use e-cigarettes. But it is better to vape according to your experience and skill. So that you can vape easily without any disturb or harm.  Congratulations you can have nice vaping experience now.

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