AAP Launches Online Platform in U.S. To Tap Grassroot Support

WASHINGTON: Aam Aadmi Party's U.S. chapter has launched a unique online platform that it expects to be a game changer in the upcoming general elections by tapping into popular support from inside and outside India.

"Today we are using technology to tap into support base and further extend it to leverage people's personal network of friends and acquaintances," said Ravi Sharma, AAP volunteer and architect of 'my.Aamadmiparty.Org'.

The website, launched yesterday, has been developed by its volunteer cyber warriors from Silicon Valley.

"The idea is very simple yet extremely powerful and can have far-reaching implications purely because of the network effect it can unleash.

"The amazing thing about this effort is that I have never ever met most of the people who have helped on this project. All I know is that they have similar goals for India as I do and that is what inspires us," said Sharma.

AAP USA spokesman Pran Kurup said the unique technology platform is expected to be a game changer this election as it would enable the party to tap the groundswell of enthusiasm and support that already exists in its favor.

Those who want to help the AAP can simply go to the site and join using their Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, or Live accounts. They can donate, reach out and invite their friends and acquaintances to become part of the network, he said.

Sharma said members can also track donations made by people belonging to their personal network. In other words, each AAP supporter can track how many people in their network donated to the party and what amounts they donated. Further, they can permit AAP to post on their respective Twitter pages and Facebook pages on their behalf.

"The platform is really our next generation product as it lays the groundwork for some great future enhancements. The sudden announcement of the election and the crunched schedule forced us to rethink and adapt. Nevertheless, we are very excited about this release and are confident about its success," said Mohan Thirumalai of the AAP IT team.

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Source: PTI