Will These Laws Put an End to Black Magic in India?

Bangalore: Various parts of India are plagued with Black Magic and efforts to ban this practice are still in process.

When efforts to solve a specific problem do not pay any heed, then people go in search of black magic for help, reports ND Shiva Kumar of TNN.

The Maharashtra government recently implemented new laws to abolish Black magic and Witchcraft. According to the new law, people practicing black magic or forcing it on people would be jailed for up to seven years. Another law also implemented a ban on magic in the name of supernatural power, talisman and exorcism, claiming to be god and opposing scientific medical treatment.

In Karnataka, the law awards the same degree of punishment for witch-hunting as well as slapping a person. A person found guilty of these charges will be sentenced to one year imprisonment or have to pay a fine of Rs 1,000.