Why You Need More Followers on Your Social Media Account

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 20 August 2018, 14:11 Hrs
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Why You Need More Followers on Your Social Media Account

What's better? Having 70 qualified followers to your profile or 1000 followers who may never buy from you? Well, the responses you get will surprise you.

If you think that having 70 qualified followers over 1000 followers is better, probably you're wrong. Here is why.

In any social media platform, your reach impacts on how your messages and content is shared. In essence, many followers increase your ability to create, generate and convert leads to sales.

In this article, we'll be focusing on why you need to contact SocialProof.xyz to increase followers to your site. Here is why.

1. More Followers Implies Access to Your Followers' Followers

Why You Need More Followers on Your Social Media Account

Each person you follow on your social media has their own followers. So, assume your follower likes your content and shares it on their profiles, it means more people will be able to access your content.

If the person who shares your content has an additional 1000 followers, your content is exposed to 1000 more people who weren't following you. Amazing, right?

So, even if your original follower may not or never buy anything from you, it doesn't imply that their followers won't.

2. Access to More Influencers

If you manage to build a huge following on social media, you're a good influencer. Here's the benefit, in your followers' list, there are some other influencers. Well, these influencers may never buy from you, but they are good at influencing others.

As such, by following them, you can link up with potential investors, bloggers and other experts in your niche.

Well, if you take the exercise well, you can request the blogger to allow you to create a guest blog post on their blog page. The inbound links you get are quite valuable.

3. Better SEO Ranking

Social media is taking a huge impact on SEO. Search engines algorithms are now checking how often people share your content before ranking it. If more people share your content, the algorithm assumes the content is helpful thus raising its ranking.

Assume you are running a health and fitness business. You and your competitor decide to write content on the same topic. But because your competitor has a huge following on social media, their content attracts a lot of retweets, likes, and comments than yours. When it comes to ranking the content, you won't be able to beat your competitors.

It's therefore imperative to make sure you have genuine followers in tour accounts who can react and comment on your posts. Even though they may never buy from you, their interaction on your page will mean a lot on your site ranking.


Most people underestimate the use of huge following on their social media accounts. Well, having many followers who may never buy from you is important that maintaining a clique of a few followers who buy from you.

However, you need to ensure the followers you gain are active. They should be able to like, comment or share your content. In this way, your ranking on search engines will improve.

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