When did bitcoin appear and What You can Do with Bitcoin

When did bitcoin appear and What You can Do with Bitcoin

Let's go a little deeper into the recent past and talk about the origins of bitcoin. Bitcoin appeared in 2009. The official sources do not exist, but authorship is attributed to a certain anonymous inventor. Some sources claim that he is a mathematician, but as it turned out, there is no person with that name on the planet at all.

According to another version, this cryptocurrency was invented by a secret society, which decided to popularize virtual currency. The members of this society have an initial advantage in receiving it and with the growth of the bitcoin exchange rate in relation to other world currencies can get huge economic benefits. To consider this as true or fiction is everyone's business, our task is to provide the most detailed coverage of the situation regarding bitcoins.

Shopping with the bitcoin: First of all, Bitcoin is a means of payment. Currently, a large number of start-ups and large companies, such as Microsoft, Overstock, Dell, TigerDirect, etc.

You can purchase almost any physical goods, services or digital content for bitcoins, like on the Internet, on numerous websites, and in a number of offline points - cafes, shops, art studios, etc. Today in the world there are more than 7.5 thousand Bitcoin reception centers. You can see them on the map.

Exchange for another currency. Despite the variety of trading offers, it’s too early to talk about the widespread acceptance of Bitcoin, especially in Russia. If cryptocurrency is not accepted at the store of your choice, you can exchange it for cash or another electronic currency. You can do this, for example, at the xmlgold.eu exchange office, which offers about 40 Bitcoin exchange directions. Among the available options are withdrawals to other payment systems, instant bank transfer, with which you can pay for a purchase or receive cash, as well as withdrawal to Visa and MasterCard in dollars or euros throughout to the world.

Pay your ticket expenses by using bitcoin: Order plane tickets, book a hotel room, pay for a tourist tour - all this can be done using Bitcoin.

The user interface of this resource is no different from other travel portals, but you can pay for the trip with bitcoins. During the trip, you can also use cryptocurrencies, and you do not need to look for exchange offices, as in the case of regular currency, because in most foreign countries, sellers are willing to accept cryptocurrencies, including thanks to various payment services such as Blade, Circle, and Plutus.

Direct to charity: The ability to send both large amounts and make micropayments, as well as low transaction processing fees, make Bitcoin an ideal tool for sending funds to charity. One of the best opportunities to donate.

Donations in cryptocurrency are accepted by the international environmental organization Greenpeace. Not so long ago, the Bitcoin Charity 2.0 program was launched, which allows you to direct funds directly to those in need. The project provides full transparency through the use of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin currency allows you to send any amount to almost any corner of the world. Moreover, transaction processing fees, as already noted, are minimal. In addition, sending funds in bitcoins is much faster than conventional bank transfers, which makes cryptocurrency one of the most convenient payment tools. For even greater user comfort, developers release various services that simplify sending transfers. You can do all transaction and trade with help of the bitcoinfuture.app

Of course, the presented list of goals for which cryptocurrency can be directed is not exhaustive; we have given only a few examples of its use. In fact, the possibilities of Bitcoin are much wider. In cryptocurrency, you can store your savings, you can increase the reserves of coins by investing them in profitable projects, for example, cloud mining, start your own business, and much more.