UNESCO Lauds Indian Poet's Idea Of Earth Anthem

KATHMANDU: UNESCO has praised an Indian diplomat's idea of an earth anthem but does not seem ready to take up the proposal, citing lack of resources.

Abhay Kumar's proposal for an official earth anthem, selected from the best entries received during a global online competition, was recommended for UNESCO's consideration in January by the Permanent Delegation of India to the Paris-based world body.

UNESCO recognised that an earth anthem would contribute to bringing the world together, said Kumar, who is the First Secretary (Press) at the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu.

"However, it does not seem to be ready to take up the challenge, due to budget constraints and lack of a well prepared plan," he said.

"Given the prevailing situation of the organisation with limited financial and human resources, we are not in a position to organise an online competition, as proposed by the Indian diplomat, to select an official anthem for the planet," said UNESCO's Assistant Director General Eric Falt.

The composition has lines in Hindustani, English, Nepali, Bengali, Pasto, Urdu, Sinhala, Dzongkha and Dhivehi that are spoken in the eight members of SAARC.

Asked about a way forward, Kumar said he has offered to help UNESCO in preparing a comprehensive conceptual plan and finding ways to implement it.

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Source: PTI