Top 6 Practices in Press Release Distribution Services that can make you stand out!

Top 6 Practices in Press Release Distribution Services that can make  you stand out!

If you are creating Press Releases for your clients, these practices can make a huge difference in the way you offer them to your clients. Here are the top 6 practices that you can implement easily in your press releases:

1. Use a Catchy Headline: Whatever be your content, the headline is what catches the attention of the audience first. So, use:

  • Using action words can catch the attention of the readers and give power to your message.
  • Keep it short and not more than 100 characters as search engine like them and so do your readers. You can also get it tweets if they are short.
  • Make it unique so that it stands out from other press releases.
  • Use simple language and avoid jargon, slangs, keywords, and idioms.

Finally, don’t be in a rush to create a headline. Take your time and create a title that is power-packed and has a punch to create a lasting impression.

2. Use a Powerful Quote: Giving a personal quote from someone within the organization can create a good impact. You can choose someone or max of two people who are an authority in the organization and are leading a project or are important stakeholders. Find a quote that personifies the core message that can create a personal connection.

3. Make it Visually Impactful: It is much easier for humans to digest visual images than written content. So, use this to your advantage and capture your reader’s attention with attractive visuals. You can use also use infographics, statistics, or data representations in colorful charts. You can also consider including a video in the press release, if you like although this can also come at an additional cost.

4. Focus on the last paragraph: Don’t load up the press release in the last paragraphs. Instead, make this last paragraph count by providing some creative information regarding the project or the announcement. You can mention any future of this news of the company or the impact to the entire industry.

5. Call to Action (CTA): If your press release doesn’t have a clear CTA, it doesn’t serve much purpose to the company. Leaving the press release hanging in the air doesn’t help. Your CTA must guide the blogger or the journalist to take specific action after reading this press release. In a press release, one CTA is more than enough. So, no need to add any more.

6. Connect with a few Journalists: Find out which journalists or bloggers do these audiences read and reach out only to those. You can also go through their profiles to understand more about them and what kind of articles do they write. There is no point in distributing the press release through the best press release distribution service to all the journalists or bloggers. Once you reach out to them, do add a personal note which sets you apart from other regular press releases they may be receiving.