Top 5 Little Indian Geniuses Around The World

Top 5 Little Indian Geniuses Around The World

The young generation represents the future. The young minds are responsible for shaping the future world into a more just and prosperous place for all humanity. It is therefore admirable when young children display excellence in the various fields of education. In the world today, you will find some kids who are exceptionally talented especially in hard subjects like science and mathematics. These young people are also driven by passion to the extent where you will be dumbfounded when you find out their actual age. Many of these young people are already shaping the world in many ways. Here are the top 5 little Indian geniuses around the world.

1. Kautilya Pandit

Memory is the main determinant of a person's IQ. Kautilya Pandit is barely a teenager and he has already stunned the world with his ability to comprehend involved subjects like astronomy, world geography, and statistics among others. The young boy has been acknowledged to have a great memory and recall ability. According to professionals, the young boy has a recorded IQ of 150 and this is exceptional considering his tender age. Kautilya Pandit is definitely a star that has a great future in scholarly work. He has recently declared that he is interested in the field of Astro science and that his goal is to pursue a career in that field. Kautilya Pandit has already taken part in numerous contests where he impressed the audiences and judges alike.

Top 5 Little Indian Geniuses Around The World

2. Angad Daryani

Cognitive and innovative skills can be applied to many areas in life. Angad Daryani's talent was seen when he was just a young boy. The 19-year old built his first robot when he was just eight years old. He also proceeded to show excellence in school where he was a great performer in various subjects. He, however, dropped out to concentrate on the innovative talents that saw him build an eye-pad for blind people before he was 16. The young man is currently pursuing his interests as an innovator and entrepreneur. He has continued to shine on the academic world and is currently doing Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech. He is also a great speaker who has dedicated his time to give talks to inspire and encourage other young people with special abilities like him.

3. Priyansi Somani

One of the spheres that hold great potential for any young scholar is the math and analysis world. According to Admiral Markets, you can apply these skills to virtually any field in finance and analysis. Priyansi Somani was nicknamed the 'human calculator' when she was just 6. This girl has shown some impressive math and analytical skills that have not been seen on anyone else. The young girl can apparently do calculations quicker than scientific calculators. The talent of Priyansi Somani has been nurtured over the years through the various contests and forums she has taken part in.

One of the most famous contests that she was involved in is the 2010 Mental Calculation World Cup. During this event, she came out on top despite all her peers being older than her. In recent years, she was named the Ambassador for World Math Day. She was also named as a research associate in Stanford. The 19-year old is currently pursuing more knowledge in the academic world.

4. Truptraj Pandya

Some kids are talented with the ability to grasp science concepts. Others are talented with great ability in the artistic fields. Truptraj Pandya is one of the unique gems that got to impress the music world with his impeccable skills at just a tender age. At just 6 years of age, the boy was already impressive in his comprehension of rhythm and other musical concepts. He became the worlds youngest tabla player and went ahead to have his name inscribed in the Guinness Book of World Records. His skill at this tender age could have been compared to virtually any tabla guru. Truptraj Pandya continues to hone his skills and he has appeared on many platforms to perform despite being so young.

5. Akrit Jaiswal

Finally, it is not so often that the world gets to see pre-teen medical geniuses. Akrit Jaiswal is however incomparable amongst his peers for his inborn abilities in the medical realm. The young boy performed his first procedure to a burn victim when he was just 7. Akrit Jaiswal has earned himself the title “the world's smartest boy” and he is on a mission to find the cure for cancer.

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