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Top 4 Hacks to Ensure Efficiency in Construction Business

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 12 January 2017, 06:31 Hrs
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Construction is a physically strenuous segment with employees spending several months at outside locations that are dusty and with minimal or zero shelter. The work pattern here is tough not only on the workers but also on the work tools used in the business. In such an adverse environment, it is suggested that the equipment used is also in sync with the kind of work involved. Mentioned below are some hacks to ensure efficiency in aconstruction business.

1) Invest in equipment that can withstand Harsh Temperature: A construction business is successful when it keeps going, and there is no inefficiency that affects its growth. Temperature is one such vital factor that has to be taken care of to avoid any kind of downtime. So, one has to invest in such equipment that can sustain extreme temperatures. The equipment should operate in extreme cold and hot locations, for instance,when working under the temperature ranging between -10 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

2) Opt for sturdy vehicles:  Since construction can happen anywhere, there is no guarantee of whether the road to the location will be bumpy or smooth. It’s a challenge to construct in locations that have poor road connectivity. But in reality, most construction activities happen in such places where the infrastructure is still in the process of development.  So, to ensure efficiency in the construction business, it is rather important to invest in heavy duty vehicles that are sturdy, low on maintenance and has a huge reserve or back up when it comes to fuel, so that the work doesn’t suffer.

3) Prefer Rugged Laptops: As opposed to normal off-the-shelf laptops, the rugged laptops are designed to face any hardship in the construction business. When working on a construction site, different people use different laptops, and there may be times when there can be accidental drops, which might result in damage. Rugged laptops like Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 are capable to tolerate shocks like dropping from a height and that too a number of times. This feature results in no loss of data, thereby, resulting in work continuation effortlessly.

Also, an off-the-shelf laptop has fans for the cooling purpose that attract dust and sand. If normal laptops are used in the construction sites, the dust present around can inside and hamper their functioning. On the other hand, rugged laptops are in-builtwith heat casings which prevent the dust from entering the system, and thus, ensure smooth operations.

In a construction site, the laptops are mostly used inside a number of construction equipment vehicles. These vehicles often vibrate enough to affect the functioning of a normal laptop. Owing to this throttling, many laptops fall dead, resulting in electronic failure, downtime and loss of data. Rugged laptops are designed to handle vibration and continue with its normal functioning. Such laptops are also light in weight to be carried easily from one construction site to another.

4) Go for Sustainable and stable Internet connection: With construction happening in the middle of nowhere, it is important to have a sustainable and stable internet connection. Investing in a vehicle router will ensure that both gigabit Ethernet and WiFi are connected to help different bandwidth applications work at the same time.

In a construction environment, the equipment is often subjected to circumstances where they can be damaged easily. With the frequent damage of equipment, the precious work time will be spent in redoing the operations, resulting in a monetary loss. A simple solution to these uncertainties is the use of rugged equipment, machinery, and laptops that are designed to work in the most adverse environment. 

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