Tips to Saving Money on Auction Sites

Tips to Saving Money on Auction Sites

Although some people find that they don’t have the patience for online auctions, you can save a significant amount of money with auction sites. If you’re not sure of how to get a bargain, these are strategies for saving money on auction sites.

1. Research What Others Paid

You can easily find out what the typical rate is for the item that you want by looking at similar auctions. Many auction sites allow people to change their search to “sold” listings and then sort by the price. Using this search feature will allow you to aim for what you can expect to pay when making a maximum bid.

2. Look for Spelling Mistakes

Although many people double check their listings, you can find that the sellers make spelling mistakes every day. Any misspelled items are going to have fewer bidders as they don’t appear in the right searches. Many numbers of websites allow you to search for these errors and they’ll help you find items that may be misspelled in their listings like Auction Misspellings. Use this feature when searching for competitive items as well.

3. Look for Other Mistakes

Even when the item is listed correctly, some sellers may not provide all of the essential details. It’s not uncommon to find that the brand, size, or dimensions have not been listed for the item. Most buyers won’t have the patience to follow up on these mistakes.

However, you should contact the seller to find out the missing information. Do this directly rather than asking a question through the listing. If you ask a question through the listing, it will be visible to other buyers. It might take more time than expected to find the item you want, but you’ll probably get a better price.

4. Look at Overlooked Items

We advise you to always wait until the last minute to place a bid this is called sniping the auction. Many sellers start their auctions at a low cost and hope that a bidding war will break out. However, this strategy doesn’t always work out in their favor. It may work out in yours though. When you’re searching for items, look at the time ending soonest and items that have no bids and a low starting bid. You’ll want to check the postage costs as this can be high but you may find yourself with a bargain price.

5. Set Bids for Non-Round Numbers

Most people will make bids with round numbers but just going a few cents over your limit can make a big difference. By bidding $30.03, for example, you’ll be sure to outbid a person who has only set their bidding limit to $30. You’ll want to make your bid at a number that you’re comfortable with but put in a non-round number for a better chance.

Many people use online auctions to get a bargain, but it’s easy to miss out on savings in the process. With this advice, you can save a significant amount on auction sites and get what you need to use these tips as needed.

6. Look at Specialized Sites

There are many auction sites out there that are not Ebay. is an example of this type of site. They focus on construction equipment and other big machinery. You can also find auction sites specializing in coins, and pretty much anything you can think of. Many of these sites you can find better deals than you would find on a giant site like Ebay.

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