Three of the best places to use Artificial Intelligence In

Three of the best places to use Artificial  Intelligence in

Artificial Intelligence is one of the best inventions made by the modern man. It has become a staple of the modern software engineering prowess and shows us just how much we can achieve as a species.

In fact, many call it ?playing God? as we strive to create an artificial mind that would rival our own. But at this point, we can only achieve basic syntax differentiation, visual confirmation and lightning speed calculations.

Despite the fact that the technology still has a long way to go, it is still considered to be the most useful thing that an employer or a scientist can possess. The speed and efficiency, with which several industries are operating at thanks to AI could not be matched with even the strongest of computers a couple of years ago.

But there are three industries in the modern world that would benefit the most from adding Artificial Intelligence in their operations. Let?s find out what they are.

Space Exploration

Even though space exploration is not an industry, it cannot be denied that Artificial Intelligence can do wonders for all of the space enthusiasts working in various agencies.

Sending a man to space was the first achievement, and stepping on the moon was second, but there are billions if not trillions of milestones that the human race needs to accomplish before we can be classified as fully fledged space explorers.

The most recent use of Artificial Intelligence in space was, of course, the Mars rovers, which were still usually operated manually from the NASA base. But imagine how amazing it would be if the robot could have Artificial Intelligence and tell which parts of the planet to explore.

Usually, we humans are quite aversive to risk, as the cost sometimes outweighs the reward. But when the conversation is about finding alien life or even something remotely connected to the creation of our universe, all of the risks are worth it, but it doesn?t mean that a human needs to take it, why not use a robot with Artificial Intelligence?

The day when we mount these AI on a space ship and send them for deep space exploration will be the day that nearly every scientist and space lover in the world will start counting the days it first makes its report. When we first exit our solar system and head to the next one, it will be done by AI, but it?s more important that we develop it to a degree where it could tell between the base courses of action, like where to land or how to avoid the occasional asteroid field.

Overall, the AI will be our gateway towards the larger universe we always look at when glancing at the sky.

The Blockchain

Alright, let?s get back down to earth for this one and analyze an industry that is very near and deer for many financial enthusiasts. The blockchain technology in itself is a technology, therefore infusing it with AI should not be a real hassle. But why do it?

Well, research has found out that participating in the financial markets is one of the most emotionally taxing activities that humans can take part in. It has a physical as well as a mental toll on us but does provide some value later down the line.

AI is actually, already being tested with the Blockchain technology. It is being infused in Bitcoin trading robots, such as the bitcoin trader or Cryptohopper, and these robots do the financial analysis, risk calculation and decision making for us, while we?re away enjoying our days.Naturally, it?s not 100% correct as it wouldn?t make sense if everybody would be successful.But it helps traders sleep better at night, knowing that the AI will take care of their funds and not let them disappear overnight.

It has already been confirmed with multiple market participants that ever since they installed the ?currently flawed? trading AI on their trading software, they?ve been having much healthier trades overall, as their stress levels decrease on an unimaginable scale.

Overall, Artificial Intelligence in the financial world has the capability to provide us with monetary value as well as help us keep our sanity.


Medicine is the most controversial industry for Artificial Intelligence as it is quite complex to simply compile it within a single piece of coding.

However, developers are saying that a program can be made that can determine any illness with a simple examination of barely even a minute.

Even though it brings forward a whole new speed of execution in terms of diagnosis, it also brings the question of why do we need Doctors for then?

That?s why it?s become such a hot topic of discussion between doctors and developers. The doctors are saying that a piece of software can never encompass the years of dedication that a person could have in the field of medicine, while the developers say that it would take the software around a week or so to process all of the information.

Unfortunately, though, the technology required for this type of software is not available yet. A piece of Artificial Intelligence that can research a field of medicine and then actually execute it through its robotic parts is possible, but not yet available. But there have been reports from China that such software is in the process of development and will be tested very soon.

Overall, we should not consider the ramifications of replacing a profession with technology, as that?s what technology is for, to simplify our lives so we could focus on more spiritualistic stuff rather than materialistic.

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